Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dispoable camera from Easter

so back in Easter (April 2010) we purchased a disposable camera because we went to Coogee beach, Sydney, and i forgot our camera....i remember blogging about it back in April but we hadnt finished the film yet so i couldnt share the photos...

well we found the camera just over a week ago and used the last of the film on our holiday in Perth...mind you there was only 3 photos left as Emmanuel had used it before on dumb/boring work related things :) lol

so here is a couple pics from Perth last week....and the rest are from April at beautiful Coogee beach...my hair looks different from April pics, im a brunette and my hair is straight!!

my beautiful niece Myra last saturday walking the dog :)

my gorgeous 2 nieces Myra and Chelsea having fun in the park

Me posing in Perth

 Now the April pics
Me at Coogee beach...it was a beatiful day to swim considering it was Autumn


posing runs in the family :)

I love this beach

my thumb ruined the pic!!

beautiful sunny day in Sydney

it was actually Good Friday

Surf lifesavers helicopter

lifesavers in the background...and my thumb again :)

the guy on the right of the pic had a really burnt tummy...naughty man!!!! he will look like leather later on in life!!! :)

i was blending in with Asian tourists who always do the peace sign :)

me :)

so there are the long awaited Coogee beach photos from 7 months ago :)

hope you enjoyed them....

more photos from my Perth trip last week to come
Love HollieD

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