Monday, November 15, 2010

Lime Crime Review :)

I havn't blogged in a while because i have been away on holidays in Western Australia...but i am officially back into it as of 2day :)

before i went away, i recieved my Lime Crime order so i thought i would share my thoughts on this brand that is very new to me...

so this is the box that my order arrived in, i thought it was a really sweet touch
i am covering my address there :)

i was so excited i un-wrapped it real quick and made a mess of it :)
i loved how the items came wrapped in tissue paper so they wont be ruined in post!

so here is the packaging of 3 lipsticks and 2 eyeshadow dusts

here are the beautiful eyeshadows i ordered and they are SUPER pigmented if you wear them on top of an eyeshadow primer ( a primer is what you put on first and it creates a base so that your eyeshadow will last all day without creasing or fading)
these colours are
blue-Shoe Addict

gorgeous colours!!

these are the lipstick cases with the cute unicorn on them....the camera is washing out the colour a bit..its actually more on the purple side

it also says lime crime

the 3 colours i recieved were

these are swatches of the 3 colours...only 1 swipe of each so you can really see the colour pay-off!!
the purple one is a real true purple...and when it fades on my lips im left with a pinky colour! the red one i havnt had a chance to wear on my lips yet...but i can say its super pigmented and wont come off easily!!

the red is meant to be a true red as in it isnt blue or orange based (cool or warm) so it should suit any skin tone....personally i think it has more yellow in seems more like a warm red but in saying that people with a cool skin tone could still wear it and it isnt a full warm tone (hope that makes sense)

the pink is prob my favourite out of the 3...its like a barbie/bubblegum pink and once again is super pigmented!!! and it LASTS SO WELL!!!

that is something i have noticed with Lime Crime products, they last really well and the colours are very bold!!
which is a fact that I LOVE :)
just if you have dry lips like me, make sure you take it off really well and put some sort of a lip balm on at night and sleep with it on!!

I dont really have any good pics of me wearing them yet.....i really need to invest in a  better camera so that the colours are more true!!

here i am wearing Great Pink Planet

i will make sure that when i wear them over the next few weeks i will take photos so you can see them on!!

hope you liked my review and yes i do Love Lime Crime and will definately buy more from their website!!

oh and another thing, i found out you can purchase them from an Australian website as Lime Crime stocks to them, but i dont really understand why you on the Lime Crime site their lipsticks are $16 (US) and on the Aussie site they are $22 (AUS)...but at the moment our dollar is almost equal and it only took 1 week to arrive from seriously i would recommend going to the official site for purchasing!!

Lots of Love

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