Thursday, October 28, 2010

My new Obsession- Doe Deere-Lime Crime

Doe Deere

this woman is a little obsessed!!!

she is a Russian woman now living in the U.S...i think she is 29(???) and is married. She has started her own makeup range called Lime Crime

(she is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen....i find beauty in individuality....not in being the same as every one else....she is a true beauty. If you read her blog you will understand as she comes across as so humble and beautiful inside)

i heard of Lime Crime last year thru the internet but didnt take the time to research it or the founder...and then last week i stumbled upon Doe Deere (not her real name) in a youtube tutorial and i LOVED her red hair :) of it made me look her up and i found her blog;

and i have NOT STOPPED READING this blog....i have been going thru every single blog post she has written and i still havnt gotten thru it all...

what i love is her philosophy...and how she loves colour!!

she started her makeup range because she was sick of wearing lipsticks etc that wern't very bright, or you would need to wear half the tube just to get a decent colour pay off!!
she wanted lipsticks/eyeshadows that were bright and daring and playful....and i love her for that!!
 i LOVE that there are people out there who have the guts to push the boundaries and be different and not care what people think!! i think we could all do with a little of her courage!! she is def quirky, and while i may not have the same dress sense as her (she is def bold and out there)...she isnt expecting anyone to be like her....she is just offering an alternative to what is already being offered!!


dont they look pretty!!! and i love the packaging...instead of boring containers etc...they are a pretty purple/pink with a silver unicorn on them!! gorgeous!!

they also do eyeshadows.....that are some beautiful unique colours

I have ordered some lipsticks and eyeshadows off their site, so when they finally arrive i will do a review on them and will honestly tell you what i think of them!! they sound great, so we will see!!

Love HollieD

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