Friday, October 8, 2010

October Work Training-YAY more products!!

So i had some more Estee Lauder training on Wednesday for all the christmas season coming! Lots of exciting things to come!

so i want to show you what i got in training and also some goodies i purchased in the staff shop :)

Firstly, there is a brand called COACH that started in the U.S and they are now quite big around the world especially in Asian countries and the U.S...they make gorgeous little bags and wallets etc....and they are quite expensive! so they have collaborated with Estee Lauder for the HOLIDAY season (as the Americans like to say Christmas)
so you can purchase (i think in Novemeber...gosh i have forgotten already) these little Coach beauty bags that come in 3 different colours! i received the red one in training and this is what comes in the red set.....

except...the lipstick on the left isnt actually in this set...i  swapped that with another girl who had a different set...., but you get 2 lipsticks, 2 travel brushes, eye pencil, lip gloss and a compact with 3 eyeshadows and a blush....pretty cool little pack!

then i went a little crazy in the staff shop cause i get 60% off everything :) so i got this gorgeous little Dame Edna (MAC) set...its a highlight powder and gloss

and it says Dame Edna in the cute...but it slowly comes off as i use it, so trying not to use it too much!!

then i got this cute pack also...its 3 estee lauder Double wear creme eyeshadows...they can be worn as a base under eyeshdaow or worn alone...i LOVE the colours and they last really really well and dont this little mirror and comb came in it...(it only comes like this in the staff shop though)

so here are the colours (my fingernail knocked the purple one)

and i got 2 new MAC lipsticks....i know they look the same in this photo...but they are really must be the flash. the one on the left is called Rose Maiden....and i love it, its like a deep rose with a hint of tangerine with a metallic look to it...its really cool..i will take a photo with it on ondeay cause i cant describe it.
the colour on the right is called Ruby Woo,  and its a matte red, gorgeous red and its actually my first matte lipstick!

plus i thought i would add in that its breast cancer awareness month (October) so wear your pink ribbons and support this amazing cause! Estee Lauder are huge supporters and they do programs with women who are currently going thru treatment....they do makeup workshops etc..which i think is beautiful and very important as we all know women who are going thru treatment of any kind dont feel so beautiful so to be pampered and given some makeup products is definitly touching and something dear to my heart as my mum went thru this herself!! i also recieved this dvd in training about awareness and facts!

on another note, i also received this in training which is part of the Bronze Goddess range of products coming out in Novemeber....this range is just beautiful!!!!!

i got these in the staff shop...2 of my favourite products! on the right is a tinted moisturiser with sun protection...and on the left is the best product ever! its a refinishing treatment, it is like an exfolliatior but better...its like a 30% glycolic peel...since ive been using it my skin has felt so soft and clean!! you only use it once a week after you cleanse, just a small amount in your hand and you massage it into damp skin for about 1 min or so and you can feel it working, getting all the dead skin off! then you wash it all off and follow with a moisturiser....your skin will feel amazing!!

i will show you what i mean. Now im like most girls out there in the world and i dont think for one second my skin is perfect!! because my skin is so pale, any imperfection shows up even more than it would if i was more tanned! i get red pigmentation on my cheeks and the occasional blemish, but overall i like my skin...i dont break out very often at all...but i def have those days where i dont want people to see me without foundation on....or even just a tinted moisturiser! spec cause of the redness of my cheeks sometimes (it is minor but somtimes i dont like it) is a photo of me and Emmanuel on wednesday night when we just hopped into bed....i had just used that product on the left of the photo above, and then put on a heavy moisturiser (thats why my face is shiny)...but look at my skin....serisouly i love this product!!! no more dead skin and clogged pores on my face :)

so yes, i reccomend this product :)
(gosh look how tanned Emmanuel looks compared to all about not being tanned and using sunscreen etc...and he just tans so easily!!! plus he is Italian!!, i call us top deck chocolate)

something else, i got these beautiful Lauder blushes....

on the left is Tender Petal, its my favourite "go to" blush as its soft and subtle and kinda goes with most makeup looks....on the right is Peach Nuance which is the best peachy coloured blush i have seen so far...its so pretty on!

and lastly, 3 gorgeous mineralize eyeshaows from MAC...i just loved the look of them :)
Names from left to right: Its A Miracle, Fresh Green Mix, Myhem.
they are beautiful colours and quite intense!!

so these are all my latest little joys :) lol

hope you enjoyed looking at a little obsessed with makeup and skincare!!

Love HollieD

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