Monday, March 28, 2011

Winged Eyeliner

I cant believe that i have never actually worn winged eyeliner?!?!?!?!?!?!

honestly....i dont remember doing it in makeup school, we definitely wern't taught it, and since then i have never worn it on myself therefore have never practiced it!!

strange considering i have been doing makeup for a couple years and have worked for Estee Lauder and now M.A.C.....and have NEVER done a winged eyeliner!! :)

anyways, one thing i do struggle with in makeup and def need more practice with is can still make me nervous when i do someone's makeup and i get to the eyeliner part!!

whether it is with pencil, gel, liquid or by using eyeshadow....its my achiles heel :)

so therefore....the only way to overcome it is to practice, practice, practice!!

one thing working for MAC has done for me, is highlight where i need improvement, so then on my days off i have chosen to study and practice areas that need improvement untill they become second nature.....i dont mean spend all day doing it....just a little bit of time during my day :)

so today it was time to do my first "winged" eyeliner (cat eyeliner)

one thing i learnt was to follow my bottom lash line upwards till i had it as long as i want....then connect it to my top lash line so it made the shape of a triangle....then fill it can always search for it on youtube, and they can explain it better!

everyone has such different shapes and sized eyes so you need to tailor it to your eyes!

there you have first ever winged eyeliner!!

im still spun out that i have never gone out with this look!!
i'm going to do my makeup like this next time i go out for dinner somewhere for a more dramatic look!

oh, and by the way im wearing the new M.A.C Lady Gaga lipgloss...its a nice nude colour!

Love always

Sat 26th March 2011....Mexicana!!!!

Saturday night we had a suprise party for one of Emmanuel's cousins girlfriend (Linda). She was turning 25 so Jeremy (her boyfriend) and Linda's family organised a big surpise party for about 65 people at a Mexican restuarant in the city called Cafe Pacifico....we had such a great night!!

at the entrance! I had just finished work for the was still in my work clothes...i had been up since 5:50am (sat) and didnt get home again till about 1am the next i crashed into bed when i got home :)

Emmanuel's uncle John...he has one of those party whistle things in his mouth :)

me dancing with my maraca

we had a lot of fun, and the staff there were awesome...they threw streamers everywhere and made it a real party atmosphere!!

some of the cousins

Sandra :)

Emmanuel's aunty :)

the birthday girl Linda...and her boyfriend Jeremy :)

we all had a great night and enjoyed the hot Mexican food

hope you had a great weekend!

Love always

Colour Conference overview...


what else can i say, it was just the most beautiful thing ever!!

It has been a full week since it finished, i have been so busy with my new job at MAC so i havn't had a chance to post about the Colour Conference yet....but all i can say is that it was one of the most beautful, touching things ever!!

it all started on the Thursday night at the Entertainment centre in Sydney city where about 10,000 women from all over the world came together.....when we first arrived we got to walk the red carpet up into the building :)  that was a lot of fun, cant say i have ever walked down the red carpet :) hahaha

Basically there was a service on thursday night, with an amazing opening ceremony followed with a worship service (it was a Christian event).....the Hillsong Church team led the worship service...then Bobby Houston came and spoke to us all...

me and one of my dear friends Rachel, from Perth Western Australia, on the first night!

some of the crowd

over 10,000 women!!

Friday morning we all met up again at 10:00 am where a speaker from the U.S (Jeanne Mayo) came and spoke to us follwed again by another sermon this time by a guy from the U.S (Craig Doeschell)....not sure if thats how you spell his surname!

Craig Preaching

they did beautiful sermons and very challenging....about facing our fears and being all that we can be in life thru God....and not letting circumstances in life get us down and keep us down.... etc was awesome!!

small section of the crowd....   :)

at about 1pm....the ladies met up again and had some guest speakers talk to the audience about Human particular the sex trade involving young girls etc....

One of the women there (Christine Cain) started a campaign against human trafficking.....i would encourage EVERYONE to go to the website;

the A21 campaign....


have a read and see what we can all do about it....whether it is praying, donating, fasting.....whatever you can do...all of us can do something to help!!!
some of these girls in the sex trade have to service from 40-110 customers per day!!!! they are stolen, raped, beaten and kept in unsanitary conditions!!! it is just beyond disgusting!!! some of the stories that were told were unbearable....i honeslty encourage everyone reading this to please look at the site and help in some way!! it only takes 1 person to start a revolution and we all have a voice....sometimes things like this can seem so overwhelming and like we could never stop it cause its everywhere....but as we do something and the people around us start to do something...its a start and it becomes infectious!!! WE CAN DO SOMETHING!!!

Friday evening, we had another beautiful performance by the Hillsong team about how us women are to colour our world....we are to shine light into this world....and be like a rainbow!! then we had the amazing Lisa Bevere speak to us on becoming a not be timid and shy but to rise up in our lives and take charge and to become fearless!! i would encourage anyone to read her book "Lioness Arising", im reading it at the moment and its a really good book, very thought provoking!!!

Rachel (i did a blue smokey eye for her using the Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia palette)

during worship service!

Saturday morning we had Craig preach again, followed by Jeanne Mayo....just amazing services again!!! in the afternoon we met up again, this time there was a discussion about how we can reach our community and to link up with other groups/people, eg, Salvation Army....people that help the homeless, street kids, aged care homes etc etc...and to reach out to our commmunity in acts of we also had someone from the Mcgrath foundation (breast cancer foundation), come and talk to us about breast cancer awareness was really good to have 10,000 women in one room all joining together to discuss issues that affect all women!!

speaker from the Mcgrath foundation

Saturday night was the last night (sadly) and Lisa Bevere as well as Christine Cain spoke followed by one of the most touching performances to end the night!! Dont think there was a dry eye in the room!!

this conference has made a massive impact on my life....and im so grateful to have been able to go! Im also so proud to be able to say i go to Hillsong church, a church that really is making a difference in the world, its a joy to go to church and be a part of all that God is doing!!

a group of ladies in red from New Caledonia!!

i met some lovely people...made some really good friends!!

on another note, in between services like during the day...there were pampering stations where you could go to have your makeup and nails done for free followed by a massage....we were also given lunch packs each day as well as a gift each!! plus ice cream and chocolate as we know all women love chocolate!!! :)

sad its all over!!! :(

Cant wait for next year!!!

Love always

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Colour Conference 2011

I'm extremely excited today because tonight is the start of the women's Colour Conference here in Sydney, Australia!!!

What is colour exactly??

Its where woman of all ages/races come together at the Entertainment Centre here in Sydney......

this is what i got from the website


When you capture and mobilise the feminine heart - there is no end of amazing endeavor that women can accomplish and be involved in.

this is how Bobbie Houston describes it;

Tell us how Colour started?

"Colour started 14 or so years ago, when I felt a directive in my heart to start a conference or a gathering that would gather women of all ages. A gathering that would bring women into an environment that actually believes in them. It is about believing in the potential of women. I think when you capture and mobilise the feminine heart - there is no end of amazing endeavor that women can accomplish and be involved in."

Now, im a christian and i attend Hillsong Church here in Sydney and have done for nearly 2 years now and im loving every minute of it!! This conference is a Christian conference and there are guest speakers from around the world including;

Lisa Bevere

Craig Groeschel

Jeanne Mayo


Judah Smith

I have some friends coming over from Perth, Western Australia....and this conference starts tonight (thursday), and includes fri and sat morning and evenings!!! couple of full on days and im really looking forward to it all!!

I will post pics up over the next few days and will let you all know how it goes!!

Love always

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My skincare routine...

I'm very big on skincare and taking care of the skin I have....I drink on average 2-3 litres of water a day, i dont smoke or drink alcohol and where possible i eat healthy (i try to eat lots of fish etc...which is also good for skin)

Im quite fair, and living here in Australia (the sunburnt country), i have to be very careful in the sun and make sure im always wearing sunscreen when i go to the beach etc...

In relation to the sun, you will hear things called UVA and UVB......UVA is the uv rays that age you (A=age) and UVB is the uv rays that burn you (B=burns)......just a little information i was taught in training with Estee Lauder about 1 year ago!

now, as far as skincare big on moisturisers......making sure my skin isn't dry but rather soft and supple will also help to prolong the signs of ageing, eg. fine lines, dullness, uneven skin tone etc etc....

so im going to share with you my skincare routine and what works for me!!

In the morning, the first thing i do is wash my face with warm water (not water that is too hot can cause broken capillaries...and not cold as that closes pores)....i do this with a clean face cloth!

I then moisturise with my day cream that includes spf 15....

this is the one i use by Estee Lauder...i really love this cream, it works well for me! Its the Day Wear moisturiser and it has a slight cuccumber sent which is really refreshing!!

in the morning i let the cream absorb into my skin while i eat my breakfast....and then i apply my makeup for work....letting it absorb into the skin first works well for me and also stops my makeup from just sliding straight off!!

and thats it for the morning...just wash my face with warm water and then moisturise!!

Now.....evening is a whole different story :)

after work i have makeup all over my face that has to come off really this is what i do..

cleanse my skin!

as i wear an oil free foundation that is very long lasting, i use a cleanser first that gets long lasting makeup off!

this is a creme texture and is fantastic for getting makeup off...i rub it in my skin and then tissue it off! I really recommend it to anyone!

I then have 2 different cleansers that i use at different times depending on how i feel....they both work well for me!

first one is a foaming cleanser once again by Estee Lauder

you only need the smallest amount as it foams up really well....I use this one when i feel like my skin needs a really good skin feels squeky clean afterwards :)

the other cleanser that i think is fantastic but dont use as often is Cetaphil

this isn't the exact one that i have...but i just wanted to show you roughly what the bottle looks like! Another very good cleanser!

(just to be clear....i don't use 3 different cleansers very night!!! I use the creme cleanser to get off my long wear makeup and then either of the last 2 cleansers....just thought i would make that clear...cause that would be over kill)  :)

After i have fully cleansed my skin and have washed it in water and patted dry, i then apply my night serum (this stuff is amazing)

This serum is the number 1 anti-ageing serum in Australia and really works wonders! I LOVE it!!

Its the Advanced Night Repair Serum by Estee repairs your skin while you sleep and also helps to hydrate!

I let this absorb into my skin for about 1 minute and then i follow with my moisturiser (one without spf) and eye cream....

I use the Hydrationist moisturiser at night time because it is all about hydration and thats what i want while im sleeping

the eye cream i use is in the same range as the Advanced Night Repair Serum and i love how it makes the skin around my eyes feel so silky/ helps with dark circles, lines, puffiness, hydration etc....

It's the smaller jar on the right!

Now i know I use a lot of products from Estee Lauder and I have worked for the company before.....but I really am a firm believer in their skincare! I don't believe every promise that every skincare company says, including the promises made by Estee Lauder.....I dont believe a moisturiser can take the appearance of 10 years off your skin by using it for 4 weeks....promises like that i believe are just silly.....

it has been trial and error with my skin and thses products are the ones that seem to work for my skin....some moisturisers can make me break out if they are too heavy, and ones that arn't hydrating enough can make my skin go dry and this is all based on my skin and my skin alone! I'm not saying that these products will work for everyone!!

another tip is to use products for normal/combination skin in warmer months like summer (unless you are really dry), but in winter months...switch to products aimed at dry skin so that when it is cold, your skin is getting that extra boost of hydration!! works for me!!

hope this has helped in some way!!

Happy moisturising :)

Love HollieDee

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Range

The Wonder Woman collection has been a huge hit worldwide, I think everyone who is into makeup in some way wants a piece of the action!!

This is a photo of a pop up store in Soho, NYC....


I really love the store.....its like makeup/cartoon heaven :)

some of the M.A.C artists doing the models makeup

the models have a futuristic/cartoon look about them....very clever!

here is some of the collection....very exciting!!

and some of the accessories! (just look on the mac website for the full range)

MAC Wonder Women models

I Love it when makeup companies do collaborations with cartoon characters etc....keeps things fun and lighthearted but also keeps me interested :)

so if you're like me, you will be wanting to get yourself a piece of the action and purchase yourself a piece of limited edition Wonder Woman makeup!!

Love always