Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sydney City-Shopping day

I forgot i had these photos, so i thought i would add them to my blog now!
they are from Decemeber when Emmanuel and i spent the day in the city together!
we had the day off so went and had breakfast in Darling Harbour and spent the day walking around exploring the city and parks and doing some shopping!

in our beautiful city....SYDNEY

Harbour Bridge...where Oprah climbed :)

Opera House

Love sitting down there near the water and having a bite to eat!

Harbour Bridge

my sexy man

Emmanuel pushing a tree over :)

In a beautiful garden

Loved this tree!


there was a massive pond, and all these flowers were growing thru

how pretty are they, i was intrigued by the middle part, it looked plastic!!

the park was just next to the Opera House near the water...nice place to relax

i thought this looked cool...lots of plants inside

this water was actually looks so bad in this photo!! :)

oh i miss christmas :(

how quick did the christmas season go by.....cant beleieve its March already!!! soon it will be Easter!!!

have a great day
Love HollieDee

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