Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Port Stephens and Nelsons Bay

A couple weeks ago we really needed a mini break...especially me :)

we both had a weekend off which is quite rare, so we decided to go away for the weekend!

on the friday afternoon, we went on the website
to look at some cheap hotel deals etc...
and we stumpled upon a place in Port Stephens about 2.5 hours north of Sydney, a place i had never been to and Emmanuel hadn't seen in years!

we were only going away for 1 night, we were going to leave saturday morning and come home sunday night

but i tell you, it was the best thing!! We felt so refreshed, it did us the world of good!

hope you enjoy the pics!

this is the little house we rented out for the night, it was a Villa right near the water

thats our lil house for the night and our car out the front!

this is the view from our balcony

the grounds also had a nice pool...we had some fun in there...i think we were the only ones without kids though :) hahaha

our villa was right near what i would call a large river that runs straight off the ocean...so this was taken in the evening

Emmanuel wrote me a msg on the sand....his Italian nickname is melle (sounds like Mel-eh)

after a swim

we were searching for crabs


just before dark

the next morning at the pool

we then went for a 20 minute drive after we checked out...and came across this beautiful beach...the water was AMAZING!!!

this house was right on the beach, i fell in love with it! would love a house like this oneday!

this place is called Nelsons Bay...a great holiday spot

lots of tourist things to do like whale/dolphin watching...plus parasailing etc

it was so pretty

i look like a farmer here :) hahaha, think its the way im standing...or maybe i look like a fisherman, just need a rod :)

we went swimming there too...i loved it!


we had such a nice time, and felt so refreshed and like we recharged our batteries!

need to do that waaaaay more often, so we have decided that random weekends off, we are going to explore different places and have some rest/relaxation!

remember to take some time off for yourself,
Love HollieDee

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