Monday, April 12, 2010


Ahhhhhhh Sunday morning Emmanuel and i slept till about 9am..was so nice.......then we got ready and choofed off to church as usual!! was a great morning as there was a visiting preacher from Texas who was really really good, i cant remember his name though!!!

after church we went to some shops for a little while and then evetually went home cause we had something to do!!!!!! COLOUR MY HAIR~~~serisouly i asked Emmanuel if he would put a colour in my hair had faded a lot (you couldnt tell so much in previous photots, but face to face you could). I asked Emmanuel if he would give it a go and he said YES :)

hehehe, so we went home and i taught him what to do....we were both a bit nervous....i was a lil scared he would make my hair look patchy!!!

Yep, this is what he did to me :) heheheheheheehehe (no im not on the toilet, im sitting on the lid).....he gave me a mohawk :)

think he actually enjoyed himslef :)

cling wrap head :) hahahaha cant believe im actually putting these photos up!!

i really appreciated him doing it for me.......after washing and blowdrying my hair i was very very happy with the outcome....i had nice fresh hair and it didnt cost anything (only for the colour)...i saved so much money!!! Emmanuel was so proud of himself!!!! he now thinks he is a pro hairdresser :)

The outcome :) yeah im pulling a weird face i know :)

so.........THANK YOU BABE FOR DOING A GREAT JOB...........YOU ARE NOW MY NEW HAIR COLOURIST (my friend who normally colours my hair has recently had a baby and i didnt want to disturb Emmanuel is now stuck with being my hair colourist)

today (monday) i worked at Sportsgirl.....went a bit slow today, monday normally is like that!!

Im very excited and a bit nervous because tomorrow i start my new job at Estee Lauder!!! its only a 4 hour shift, which is good for my first shift......but yeah i cant wait for my 1st day to be over.....but im very excited!!!

Hope you have had a good day!!
Lots of love


  1. Hey Holli...try rosehip oil on your skin...I have been using it for a few weeks and am absolutely sold on the benefits of it as a preventetive for wrinkles and skin well as keeping skin soft and hydrated. I was at my beautician the other day and she asked me what I had been using cause my skin was so hydrated. xxxx

  2. wow that sounds great, i had a look!!! where did you get it from and how much did it cost?? do you use it as a moisturiser or something?!?! xx

  3. I got mmine from a chemist...they have an organic range of skincare there and it was part of it...but you can get it on line...dont pay a ridiculous price though...mine was about $20 I use it as well as moisturiser...once a day is enough if your skin is not allready damaged prob at just massage a few drops in before your normal moisturiser. x