Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hi Everyone :)

im back........

Thursday last week was such a beautiful was warmish, but even better it was such a sunny day with a  beautiful clear blue sky!!! Emmanuel and I had a nice sleep in (we had been looking forward to this day for a while, i really wanted to spend the whole day with him)......we decided we would catch a train to Redfern (near city) and then walk to Broadway to look at some opp shops etc.........then walk to Newtown to look at some more!! i really wanted a nice fur jacket....about waist length :)

along our walk we came across one of Sydneys uni's....there are apparently 2 campuses to the one uni (there are lots of uni's in sydney)....but one of these campuses Emmanuel used to work on, he helped to build some part of it :)

this is outside one of the has a beautiful place to sit/lay in the sun......not sure what that building is though

this is near where Emmanuel was once working....

he is a poser :)

this is in an area called Broadway....there was a few opp shops that we had fun in :) and a few nice older style buildings!! Emmanuel is obsessed with old buildings and history etc...

yep, thats where we were!

this is a massive park near the other major campus of the uni!! beautiful area

nice duck :)

i LOVED this building, it was amazing!!! its the uni!!! it made me want to go back to uni just so i could see this building more often :)

so old and beautiful....

so this is the view of the city from the uni....

how nice are the grounds?!

see how blue the sky was on thursday, beautiful day!!

more of Emmanuel :)

this is nowhere near the uni :)....this is in Newtown, a different suburb....its a very greeny/newage/unusual area.....anyway this was on a wall.....

i didnt take any photos of the opp shops :(
and i didnt find me a fur jacket :"(
but there are some pics :)
 we had a great day together....stayed out till about 5:30 and trained it home and justrelaxed and watched some tv!! Lovely day with my gorgeous man!!

Friday was a long day.....i didnt finish work at Estee Lauder till the time i caught the 2 trains home it was 8:30....Emmanuel was at a Leagues Club with a mate Luke, they were wtching the Dogs/Tigers NRL during it he came and picked me up from the station (it would take 20-30mins to walk home....and that would be a bit dodgy late at night in the dark all by my lonesome)....he really wanted me to come straight to the Leagues club with them.....but i was so tired and just wanted a shower and some food and then he dropped me home and he went back to the game!! Luckily his team (Doggies) won so i had a very happy husband!! :)

Saturday i worked 11-7pm........but i had to leave home at about 8:45am cause some of the train lines were having work Emmanuel had to drop me off at a station that was running then  i had to catch my 2 trains to work.....was a bit was really good...i was working with a girl named Jennifer.....we are great mates already....same age and she is really sweet!! its just me and her that work there plus a new manager coming this its only 3 of us that work at our counter!!!! i will mostly be working with my manager or by myself....and will mainly see jen on weekends!!! wish i worked with her more!!! and hope our new manager will be nice!!! :)

after work instead of catching 2 trains home...i caught one in a different direction and was heading to Ramsgate on the South/East Coast....because there was a suprise 30th dress up party for one of Emmanuel's cousins (Nick) was a scary/Halloween theme!!!

Because i came straight from work i didnt get dressed up.....when Emmanuel picked me up from the station i just got changed in the car into jeans and a i was not at all in theme!! BUT Emmanuel definitely was!!!!!!!!!!!!! His Cousin Isabel did an awesome job at painting his face....he looked amazing....was so funny when he came to station to get me, he got some funny looks :)

it was a really fun party....just a bunch of family/friends having fun and catching up....some of them looked really good in costume!!

Daniel (Isabels fiance)

Yep thats my husband Emmanuel :)

Daniel and Emmanuel looking scary...

Isabel (Emmanuels cousin) did their faces!!

Bruno, Aaron, Emmanuel, Daniel and Jeremy....cousins

he looked so good!!

im knifing my hubby :)

Aarons girlfriend and Jeremys girlfriend

Nick arrives.......SUPRISE!!!!!!

secong from left is Nicks fiance Connie

Birthday boy

yummy cupcakes

the cousins and their partners (big Italian family)

plus some people from Connies family (Greeks)

Poor Emmanuel

Attacking my hubby :)

oh he is gone!! :)

Bruno, Daniel and Chad

soo...............that was the suprise party for this stage i had been out all day but was still the time i sat in our car to go home i started to doze off.....sometimes you dont realise how tired you are until you can actually sit down and rest your head!!!!!!

a really good day and lots of fun!!!

today is sunday, and at the moment im home resting!!! im a bit tired and wasnt feeling the best before....thought i was getting the flu or something! so im nice and relaxed and enjoying a day of rest!!! i have tomorrow off and then im working 7 days straight (not all day thank God)...........

Hope your all well and happy and enjoying your Sunday or whatever day it is that your reading this!!!

Lots of Love


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