Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday and Saturday............

On Friday i had more of the David Jones training.....from 9am-5 (we really finished after 4 though!!), so by Fri night i was a little bit tired!!! not over tired though like i thought i would be (I have really low iron levels, i found out a few years ago that my body doesnt store iron, it uses whatever iron i put in my body but cant actually store it for the days when i really need im on really good iron tablets and i try to be good with my eating which is hard cause i dont like red meat.........and times around my period sometimes im just exhausted.......) how did i get onto that??? :) oh yes, i thought i would be really tired, but i think that cause ive been really good at not missing my iron tablets and ive been eating better lately, it has helped a bit!! ive been making spinach leave salads for myself.....ive heard spinach has lots of iron, so i use spinach leaves, tomato, tuna, beans, cashew nuts and chilli sauce and i mix it up and i love it!!!! :) hehehe interesting i know!!!

i took these photos on the way to training friday morning whilst still on the train!!

Near Circular Quay station...i was 2 stops after that!!

I love being in the city.....poeple have said 'yeah you get over it' and im sure if you worked there day in day out it wouldnt be so appealing after a while.....but for someone like me who grew up in Tasmania.......i really do feel alive when im in the city!!! I consider myself a bit of a beachy/country girl.....and i dont like stuck up rude people that you quite often see in big city's.....but you can also meet some lovely people and see some beautiful places!!! whenever i get off that train in the city....i just love it!!!! (maybe in a few months i will change my mind after travelling to bondi all the time for Estee Lauder)  :)

Saturday, Emmanuel and i had plans to go look at a couple places for furniture....there were a few bargain places!! so first of all we had a really nice sleep in together!!! one of my favourite things to do!!!

then we drove to a few suburbs near the city called Newtown and St.Peters......its like a whole new world there, its very greeny/alternative and old style!! Lots of heritage places and unusual people :) but we loved our time there!! it took nearly an hour and a half to drive there because the roads were so busy!!!

this is what a lot of the houses look like.....Love that old look!!!

Yep! there i am........

well.............we didnt buy any furniture, and we are trying to be really careful with money because Emmanuel is still looking for work (its been 3 weeks now with no work)...........but i did find this!!!!!!!!!!!!..................

i found a pre-loved Bobbi Brown book for $6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it, only 6 dollars!!!!!!

i was so excited cause its a really good book, its all about beauty on the outside and inside!! it covers things like makeup, eating, fashion style etc etc.......really really good book!!

one of my favourite pages!!! i believe in being beautiful inside and out.........and im a BIG believer in water :)

i added this picture from the Bobbi Brown book because this woman reminds me of my mum!!!! she is the president of Bobbi Brown or something and seriously there is something about her that reminds me of my own mother :) if your reading this mum, thats a compliment cause i think this woman looks great :)

so we had a great time looking in different shops, opp shops, antique shops etc....then we had lunch in a funky little cafe!!! by the time we finished and drove home it was about 5:30 and we were tired....Emmanuel had a headache and i was feeling tired so we decided to have a lazy night.........we watched the NRL matches on tv and were sad cause our team was such a great game....Doggies against the NZ was an even score at the end until like the last minute where their team scored a try
:( Emmanuel was so upset!!!!

after all that.......we had a bit of a late night and eventually crawled into bed, snuggled up and fell asleep.......dreaming away until sunday came!!! :)

LoVe HoLlIeD