Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Estee Lauder

Just a quick update!!!

1st of all, thank you so much to everyone for reading my blogs!! i really appreciate it.......i started it as a way to show my family/friends what life is like over here in Sydney........and also to pass on any tips about makeup just to have some fun!!! so thank you for coming along for the ride!!!

Now, my new job......Estee Lauder beauty consultant at Bondi Junction !!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY JOB!!!! i know i onlyt started yesterday.....and there are always things about your job that are annoying.....but i really am in my element there!!!! I love the makeup/skincare/fragrance range!! I love our counter and the way it is setup/ I love all the girls/women on the other counters, they are very sweet and helpful....not at all snobbish.....I love Bondi and the customers we get!! (its very upper-class/posh and so we get a lot of older very wealthy women who come to buy from us....they are very confident women who know what they are after and have been using Estee products for centuries....some of them are quite bossy :) but the majority are very friendly and funny....some of them have had facelifts and botox and everything else you can get....its quite funny!!) but seriously i love it there....Im working for a great company where there is always room to move up, im in an environment that i love (surrounded by makeup) and its pushing me to face my fears and be bold etc.....

whenever you start a new job, it always takes a little while to feel 'yourself' there, where everything becomes familiar etc..and to i know it will take me a few days! i have only been there 2 days so i do feel very much out of my comfort zone and a bit nervous at times....but im just allowing myself time to settle....hehehe i still get lost when i try to find the staff doors or the staff room :) it all comes with time!!!

There is such a massive range of makeup and skincare that i have to learn (spec the skin care) but thats all the fun of it i guess.....cause i do love to stretch myself and to learn new things!!

so there you have it!!! Im loving my job......i still have my sportsgirl job (as of next week i will be at sportsgirl every friday for about 5 hours) so im glad i can work the 2 jobs together!!

i should get my uniform next shift which will be great, then i really will feel like an Estee girl!!! Its a skirt and blazer with a gold EL pin!!

I have 2mrw off with Emmanuel which i have been looking forward too all week (im going opp shopping with him cause i really am trying to find a really nice fur jacket-very cheap!!! i hope)
then fri and sat i have long days!! Emmanuel is still looking for some work, so hopefully something comes thru for him soon......i love him so much he is such an amazing husband...i am a very blessed girl!!!!

much love to everyone!!!
Love HollieD
xxxxxxxxxxx coming soon, Emmanuel had my camera for the last couple days so i couldnt take any pics!!

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