Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today was all about training!!!

not training physically.....but for work :)

i got up earlier than normal (6am) and caught a train at took an hour to get into the city because i wasnt getting off at Central station, but went through the city a little further to St.James station as i had to be at David Jones at 8:30.

so from 8:30 till roughly 4:30 i learnt all about David Jones policy's and procedures, and their vision and requirements and expectations and also how to use the registers etc....lots of info!!!

I really enjoyed today because i love meeting new people, plus i also got to meet a girl that i will be working with in Bondi at the same Estee Lauder counter as me and she was lovely, we really hit it off....we hung out on all our breaks and i can tell we are gonna be great friends!!! we wont be working together all the time, but some of our shifts will overlap each other!! plus she said she had met our manager and apprently she is really nice and about my age, so thats really cool, its alsways nice to get along with who you work with :)

after training, i was heading back to St.James station and i just had to stop and take a few photos!!

this is one of my favourite buildings in Sydney, i think its just doesnt do it justice, and the inside is just amazing!!!!

so to explain.....where St.James train station is there is a massive park (think its Hyde Park??) and this is a beautiful fountain directly in the middle.....and the church is directly behind the fountain!

there it is again....i just love it!!!

and this is the city.....directly behind me when i was taking the picture of the church!! bit dark!

in the park there is grass, trees and flowers everywhere.....and people lounging about, sleeping on the grass and lots of tourists!!

Hmmmm.......did i mention tourists :) spot the tourists :) hehehe

random guy making massive bubbles....was really cool, the kiddies loved it!!

more of the fountain and the statues....they are some testosterone fuelled males killing bulls or know how males are :) hehehe

and a massive game of chess....always random men hanging out there playing against each other...i think its cute!!

so there you thursday!!

im now thinking of heading to bed early because Emmanuel is out, and i also have to get up early 2mrw for more training in the city!!

oh, i just finished watching "so you think you can dance" and Jess and Nick just got voted off!!! so the top 4 are now Ivy and Jessie (my 2 fav girls) and Robbie and Phillipe (who i also think are pretty cool) good luck to them all!!! :)

i shall be off.....more updates 2mrw nite about what my day will hold 2mrw!!!
maybe some different pics of beautiful Sydney!!

im so blessed to live in a country of such opportunity and to live in such a beautiful city thats always a'buzzin!!!

Lots of love and kisses
enjoy your sleep tonight as much as im going to


  1. I love your blogs...and the much fun seeing your daily life : )..Isnt it awesome to be a christian and have fun (i am referring to post before this one)

  2. Yeah i enjoy writing this blog.....its even good for look back on and see what an amazing life i have!!!
    and yeah i LOVE being a christian.....such a happy/free life!!! with the ocassional bad day-hehehe