Wednesday, April 7, 2010

EASTER long weekend



well well well...............hmmmmm......tha last few days..........

Friday (good friday) Emmanuel and I went to the beach!!! it was so nice! i was really annoyed cause my camera battery died, so we went and bought a disposable camera because there was some beautiful scenery and i wanted to get some pics for my blog so that you can all see how beautiful it was! we were at Coogie beach (not sure if thats the correct spelling!)

so.....i just have to wait until i have finished the film and then i will add the beach pictures later!!

then that night we went out for coffee with some friends in Parramatta....was a really nice, fun day! I loved going to the beach with Emmanuel, it was a lovely day and even though the water was freezing at first...we soon warmed up :)

actually one of the reasons why i really wanted to go to the beach was to face a silly fear that i somehow had! i have no idea when it started or how, but i had a fear of waves!!! i never used too, i would always swim out far at beaches and get swamped by waves etc....then all of a sudden, sometime whilst being married i started to get this very real fear of waves and getting tossed around by talking about a fear that would make me tremble and not go near big waves!!!

so i really wanted to face that silly fear that i never had before in my i went in the water and jumped under a few big waves :)

im not saying the fear has totally gone, it may take a few trips to the beach...but at least i had a go :) LOL

SATURDAY....i worked for a few hours at sportsgirl and man were we busy...prob cause we were shut on Good friday then were going to be shut on the Easter sunday as everyone decided to go shopping!! very busy day!! then saturday night we went to a friends place for dinner....lots of Italians and Italian food :)

Sunday we went to church for Easter service at Hillsong, it was an amazing amazing service.....just beautiful and touching and the place was sooooo packed!!!!!!............that afternoon and night we went to some familys place for a catch up and had more Italian food :) hahaha

Monday i was called into work which was actually great becuase it was double time and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!........then Monday nite we went to the Footy.....well i call it Rugby (NRL) but Emmanuel calls it Footy.......but footy to me is AFL!!!

we both support the Canterbury Bulldogs and we went with 3 friends who support the Rabbitohs....and we got FLOGGED!!!! very depressing...think it was 38 to about 16 in the end :( that was Emmanuel smiling at the beginning...the ending was quite different :)

ANZ stadium in Homebush, Sydney

Now for the real fun!!!! TUESDAY night we went to a concert that was held at the Hillsong building at the Hills was a concert that had the band Superchick, then Hawk Nelson.....then the main band of the night......THE NEWSBOYS!!!!!

I LOVE THE NEWSBOYS, i have so many memories of them from when i was young...listening to them and DC TALK :)

and now the lead singer from DC TALK is actually the lead singer of Newsboys....ironic!!

we went with 2 younger friends of ours!! of the guitarists!!

Superchick....they were just amazing!!! i love the fact that these people are themselves...they are christians, they love God, but they are who they are and they dont conform to a typical 'christian'.....God loves them for who they are and they are bold in that!! very inspirational!!

next band (or guy...not sure if the name is the guys name or the bands name-LOL) is Hawk Nelson!!!! so so cool...bunch of Canadians with a cool attitude and great message!!! very enjoyable!!!

and the main band......the awesome!!! i had the best night ive had in ages!!!

Emmanuel and Hawk cool guy!!

US :)

its now Wednesday night, im a wee bit tired and ive got 2 big days ahead of me!! i have training with David Jones in the city thurs and fri... so i have to get up early so im gonna go to bed!!

I will give you an update on those training days over the next 2 days and hopefully will have the beach photos soon!!

lots of love
HollieD XXX

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