Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Women and tattoos.......

Tattoos are one of those things that you either love them or hate them!! My dad has both arms covered in tattoos (sleeves) from back when he was younger...and my older brother Kane (26yrs old) has a tattoo on one of his arms....

My brother Kane with his wife Kelly...

My gorgeous father!! as i was saying you either love them or hate them!! then there is the other debate about tattoos on women!!!

personally i love them, in moderation though! I think that a woman can have a tatoo and still look classy and feminine....its all about the size, where you have it on the body and also what is the picture/design.....does it have meaning? or did you just slap a picture anywhere on your body just to be able to say "i have a tattoo"!!!

An example of a famous woman with tattoos that i still think look feminine and quite pretty is....

I LOVE THIS DESIGN.......i dont have any tattoos at this stage, and i may never get any! but i always thought if i was going to get some i would want my maiden name written on my wrist and possibly this star design trickling down the back of my neck!!

these days, having a tattoo is seen as very normal and popular...whereas years ago you were viewed as a troubled kid, naughty, outcast or emo if you had a tattoo!

its such a big thing in hollywood at the moment, it seems that lots of famous people are getting inked!

Angelina Jolie

I really do love this design....its not something i would get done on myself....but i like where it is on her body, and she can cover it when she likes!

something like this still looks classy on Posh!

now there are lots of people out there who get it wrong!!! and once again this comes down to personal taste and opinion.....

i just hate it when people put any design on their bodies.....and its there forever for the whole world to see!!

one thing you need to take into consideration when getting tattooed is; how will it look on you when you are old? when your skin starts to stretch and wrinkle? will you like having tattoos on you when you're a grandmother/grandfather?

whenever i have thought of getting a tattoo...i have pictured my grandmothers with tattoos and it has turned me off instantly!

In saying that, we only live if its something you have thought about for a long time and have really looked into all the pro's and con's and there is a specific design you like that has meaning to you...then go for it!!! just dont go slapping anything anywhere on your body cause you will regret it!!

for instance......
honestly i find this tattoo so tacky and wrong and way too big! I'm sure the lady loves her tattoo and really that is all that matters....but to me, this is an example of too much on a woman!!

another example.....

serisouly dude????? not cool :)

he may love this now...but as he ages this will look worse and would be very hard to get certain jobs...and serisouly thats just scary :)

enough about what i think....what are your thoughts?

I dont have any tattoos but i am an admirer of many!!

If i ever do get any, i think that star thing on the back of my neck would look really pretty!!

who knows :)

Love always

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