Thursday, April 28, 2011

Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 collection

I was looking at some photos of a fashion show and i was in awe of the whole look on the catwalk so i had to share it with you guys!!

Its from none other than Betsey Johnson and its her fall 2011 collection!

I love the whole theme/look she has going on with her models
to me it has a real Mafia theme to it with a real edgy twist, and im loving the bold eye makeup paired with the red lips! Very catwalk looking!!!

hope you enjoy the fashion as much as i do!!

lots of black with touches of it!!

 you will also notice the cool tights and opened toe boots in a lot of the photos!


LOVE the white ruffle down the front


LOVE the red/black combo!!


i'm noticing an animal print theme as well as some floral pieces....some really fun items!!


how cool does she look?



so there you have splashes of black/red, floral and animal print!!

Love the Mafia vibe and how cool the models look with their short bobs and dramatic makeup!!

Love HollieDee

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