Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wedding Bonanza!!!

 Yesterday (April 30th) we attended a family was the wedding of my husbands cousin, Isabel and her fiance Daniel!

we had so much fun and really enjoyed ourselves so i thought i would share some pics from the day!

the ceremony was at was meant to be held in a park but due to the rain we had yesterday, it was held at the function centre where the reception was held later on that day!

the reception started at 6:30 with pre-dinner drinks and 7:00 for dinner

as you can see by the brides dress....there was a real 1920's/cabaret/burlesque theme....and the entertainment of the night was in that theme!

My husband (Emmanuel)and I (he was wearing a purple shirt, but it doesnt show the colour very well in the photo)

the brides brother and his son!

one of our good mates Moses was a groomsmen

Emmanuel's cousin Bruno was another groomsmen...and thats his son!

and another cousin (hahaha big Italian family)

Gorgeous Rita as bridesmaid

the glowing bride Isabel and her dad Gabriel

us :)

Me and Aaron....

Aaron and Emmanuel

Nick and his wife Connie

i was sandwiched on the dancefloor between 2 of Emmanuel's cousins :)

the 3 muskateers

2 cousins and the mother of the bride Josette

the groom Daniel and his sister Carol

Emmanuel and his grandma

fun on the dancefloor

dancing to the "I like big butts" song :)

Bride getting down and dirty :)

cousin Bruno with his girlfriend Sandra

Connie and Nick (they got married last November)

more family

father/daughter dance

guys waiting for the throwing of the garter

us with the parents of the bride and Isabel

full length photo of my dress... I was really happy i chose this dress cause it was comfortable and i could dance easy in it :)

what a fun day we had and we were both so happy for Daniel and was a day to remember!

Love always HollieDee

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