Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jennifer Lopez

She is admired and envied by women all over the world.....

I'm speaking of none other than Jennifer Lopez/JLo/Jenny from the block :)

JLO in THAT dress.....


having recently scored one of the top jobs as American Idol judge, JLo's career seems to have sky rocketed!

JLo is known for her singing as well as her acting......but also for being such a sex siren/bombshell!

she is clearly a highly attractive woman, and it has worked to her advantage in her career

Jennifer rocking her sexy Latina looks/body

you can find so many pics on the net of Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet in various gowns....and she rarely gets it wrong!

STUNNING!!! how gorgeous is this colour!!

she really can wear anything and look good!!

Mind you, even though she is stunning....she also has hair dressers, stylists and makeup artists at her beck and here is a pic for all you women out there.....

i still think she is gorgeous....but what a difference makeup and hair makes!

what else is Jen famous for???


and by booty.....i mean Junk in her trunk :)

she is a curvy woman which is great cause she is a good role model for women around the world!

and how beautiful are her twin babies (boy and girl)
just adorable!

I love this photo....she seems like such a strong woman yet her children bring out her soft side!

Hope you enjoyed

Love HollieDee from the block

(yeah, just doesn't have the same ring to it)

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