Monday, May 2, 2011 of my favourite stars :)

I'm a big fan of Rihanna.....i think she is just gorgeous to look at and ive read quotes from so many 'famous' people that say she has a really big genuine heart!!

I also love how she has reinvented herself in the last few years and she isn't afraid of trying new looks!

When you look back at photos of her you realise how much she has grown up....i guess the biggest change has been her hairstyles!!

One of my favourite looks on her is the undercut....which was one of the inspirations behind my latest hairstyle!

Love how she wears her makeup too....especially the creative eye makeup she wears and when she does a bold lip!!

Gorgeous eyes!!

Red hair is stunning!

How pretty is she.....and every colour possible suits her!

she has a fierce dress style!

One of my favourite photos of her....her dark hair is STUNNING paired with her lipstick

pretty purple

how young does she look with long hair!!

this is a photo of her when she was younger....lil cutie

and she is a confident performer....

I love this makes me laugh! I love her dress too!! i have a wedding to attend in 5 weeks and would love a dress like this to wear!!

this lipstick reminds me of the M.A.C lipstick called of my favourite lipsticks ever!!! Loving the whole look with the dress, hair and makeup.

even with no makeup she still looks good! Nice and fresh faced!

a younger Rihanna....

Love the blue!!

Cool hair!


Love how her hair is shaved on both sides and she can fluff it all up on top!!! Very Cool :)

I think she is a very talented young lady and has a lot of style.....

I'm a big believer in taking a good look at yourself every year or so and coming up with a "new you"!

sometimes we can get stuck in a rut as far as the clothes we wear and the way we do our hair and makeup! If we look exactly the same as we did years ago, then maybe its time for a change....even a small change! It can be the most refreshing and liberating thing when you get a new hairstyle!

sure some things cost money (spec getting a new wardrobe) but it doesnt mean you have to get designer everything!

maybe go and have a mini makeup lesson to learn some new tips that are on trend and age appropriate......go get a new hair colour or style.....or buy yourself a new outfit....something you wouldnt normally purchase, something a little daring for you!! you may just suprise yourself!!

Rihanna is one of those people that is always changing and i respect her for that! you dont have to go to the extremes like her....but maybe just get a little inspiration from her or anyone else you know that is fearless in their style!!

Happy re-inventing :)

Love always

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