Wednesday, May 25, 2011

M.A.C training

Just a quick update...

all this week i'm at M.A.C (work) training at our head office....and i'm LOVING every single minute of it!

when i'm not so sleepy i will do a proper update about my week!

It started monday and finishes this friday, so i only have 2 days left!

I've been waking up at 5:40am, so i can get there on time, and i've been getting home around 7pm, so its a long day, but i seriously dont want it to end! we have been learning all about M.A.C products, the ingredients and function etc....but also so much more...we have been doing makeup demo's, watching makeup demo's as well as visiting the corporate store for great savings!

tomorrow, we are looking at more makeup, face charts etc and then all travelling to our M.A.C PRO store to look at our pro producst and SHOPPING :) yay!! (my poor bank account)

today we also had the AMAZING PRIVELAGE of having our Australian M.A.C senior artists; Nicole Thompson come in and meet us all and do an awesome skin care demonstration...she is the lovliest woman and i just adore her!! so down to earth and quirky!!

we also had one of our great trainers from here in Sydney (Ocea.....pronounced O-SHA) who is an awesome eyebrow expert (amongst many things) do some demonstrations about brow shaping and how you can shape your eyebrows in different ways and it totally changes the look of your makeup!
she did my eyebrows for me and gave me a real straight eyebrow look and im hooked!!! Love it, i took a photos and i'm going to re-create it lots! Photos to come!!

we also did face shapes today and did a lot on contouring and highlighting to change your face shape!!

Lots of fun!!

anyways, the Oprah 25th anniversary spectacular is on im going to watch it and then hop into bed!!!

hahahaha....lots of exciting things to come!!!!

Love ME :)


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