Saturday, May 28, 2011

For the love of M.A.C

here are some pictures from the past week i had at work training
this photo is of our Pro store here in Paddington, Sydney! Its a tiny lil store, with lots of great products inside :)

Me and some of my fellow M.A.C buddies out the front

celebrations after we finished our week of training!

these girls are 2 of my closest work mates with M.A.C...and the guy in the middle is so sweet!

we had people from all over Australia come join us here in Sydney for training! we had artists from Perth Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales!
lots of fun!!

M.A.C people are always good at posing :)

the chick in the middle is one of the nicest ladies....she is one of our trainers here in Sydney

and our Trainer Vanessa...beautiful woman!! she is pregnant and due in a couple months!

and this is the one and only Nicole Thompson, Australia's Senior Artist for M.A.C....and amazing, quirky inspiration!!

I will post more soon about some of my favourite products i purchased this week...and do some makeup looks to share with you all!

Hope you have a fab day!
Love HollieDee

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