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Cirque du soleil....SALTIMBANCO

I really want to see the Cirque Du Soleil show "Saltimbanco" here in Sydney in July.....but i'm just not sure if i will be here then....

I seriously LOVE the makeup and costume design and i was also on the website and i fell in love with the character ideas etc.....


what is the show about????

(from their website)
Saltimbanco -from the Italian "saltare in banco", which literally means "to jump on a bench"-explores the urban experience in all its myriad forms: the people who live there, their idiosyncrasies and likenesses, families and groups, the hustle and bustle of the street and the towering heights of skyscrapers. Between whirlwind and lull, prowess and poetry, Saltimbanco takes spectators on an allegorical and acrobatic journey into the heart of the city.
Saltimbanco is a Cirque du Soleil signature show inspired by the urban fabric of the metropolis and its colorful inhabitants. Decidedly baroque in its visual vocabulary, the show's eclectic cast of characters draws spectators into a fanciful, dreamlike world, an imaginary city where diversity is a cause for hope.

Different Acts in the show....


Inspired by a discipline called acrosport, this act features three acrobats whose bodies meld together to create startling figures. A show of strength, flexibility, balance and grace, this act evokes birth, the family unit and the fragility of life in today's metropolis.


An unusual bike ride in the park at the heart of Saltimbanco's imaginary city. An artist wheels onto the stage, hand balancing, swinging and dancing on wheels. He suddenly pops onto one wheel and uses his bike in ways that boggle the imagination.


Multi-coloured beings slip onto the stage and climb on Chinese poles, which symbolize the sky-scrapers of Saltimbanco. Leaping from pole to pole the acrobats soar through the air in a breathtaking display of agility, power and speed. This act is inspired by a Chinese discipline and features over 26 acrobats performing at over 25 feet above the stage.


Exhibiting outstanding deftness, a juggler creates forms and figures with juggling balls. The sheer speed of execution makes for an unforgettable show of rhythm. A tribute to the many things we must juggle with in our everyday lives.


Two performers twirl boleadoras in the air. A boleadora is a simple percussion instrument made of a weight attached to the end of a cord. The weights bounce off the ground and make exploding sounds either in unison or in counterpoint to the dance steps of the performers. Invented in Argentina , the boleadoras were used by hunters in the pampas or plains. This act is traditionally performed by men and brings together the sounds of the boleadoras and the influences of flamenco. Saltimbanco brings it to another level with a man and woman duo.


The family of baroque characters invades the stage, now a huge playground. Leaping from a Russian swing, performers are catapulted up to 30 feet in the air where they execute breathtaking aerial jumps before falling either on their feet, on the shoulders of their partners or atop a human pyramid!



High above the audience two shimmering figures sway on a trapeze. In a display of sheer harmony and beauty, they perform a stunning aerial ballet. Their movements are an ode to natural unity as the figures form two parts of a whole.


In a display of tremendous power and an unwavering sense of balance, two men engaged in a hand-to-hand duo push their bodies to the limits of human strength.


Four performers tied to bungees swing, drop and fly in the air in ways that defy gravity. They perform an aerial ballet on an opera theme, giving spectators the impression they are looking at magnificent birds soaring through the sky.



The Baron is your guide in the world of Saltimbanco. He is ageless, timeless and recounts fascinating tales of the past. The Baron is an imposing figure in his black and white striped cape, long red gloves and top hat perched on a pile of serpentine hair. The Baron thinks he has power but has no authority, he is the king of fool. But when he tears off his cape, he reveals another side of his character - an erotic satyr on the prowl. At his most carefree, the Baron loves to party with the Baroques.


Eddie is a jester, a clown. He is the child within us all. In his distinctive red cap, black bow tie, striped shorts and suspenders, Eddie finds adventure in his own imagination. Whatever he needs, he invents. Eddie moves freely between our world and the world of Saltimbanco.


The core of every society is its children, and at the heart of the family is the child.


The Dreamer lives between reality and illusion.He is like a clown, satirizing and poking fun at the world around him. Dressed in striped blue costume and with his long curly tail, the Dreamer is always ready for a nap. But since he is responsible for looking after the child, he rarely gets the chance to doze off.


In his yellow jumpsuit with his fanciful green vest and cape, the Ringmaster struts proudly around the world of Saltimbanco. The Ringmaster likes to be the centre of attention and often steals the show. With his winning smile and natural charm, he usually gets away with it. The Ringmaster likes to believe he has great powers and he carries a sceptre to prove it. But as everybody knows, it is the Baron who holds ultimate control.


The Cavaliers are the gentle protectors. They are calm and serene but could strike with great force if they needed to defend themselves or someone more vulnerable. The Cavaliers are elegantly dressed with the tips of their tall black and white hats pointing towards the future. With their lanterns, they light our path through the world of Saltimbanco.


The Vers Multicolores are the origin of all life; they are the simplest of all beings. Like reptiles, the Vers Multicolores do not know love. They follow their primal urges and are concerned only with survival. Dressed in hooded multi-coloured body suits, the Vers Multicolores are identical yet they sometimes express their fledgling identities.


A face without a name. A name without a face. The Vers Masqués are the masses, the multitudes, the bureaucrats. They watch. They follow. They never act. They only react. They are the status quo. Their masks hide all expression but then they have nothing to say. The Vers Masqués always keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. They play it safe. They risk nothing, lose nothing and, ultimately, gain nothing.


The Baroques sleep under bridges and emerge to celebrate life. They are defiant, rebellious and explosive. The Baroques are enlightened beings with free spirits that run wild. Armed with a deeply perceptive vision of the world, the Baroque family reflects the extreme personalities of city characters – both in their beauty and wretchedness. They are baroque in their attitude as well as their appearance.


La Belle reflects all human emotion. She is the ever-present town crier who expresses the soul of Saltimbanco. Her language is universal and her song reflects the atmosphere around her. Her vocals are emotions—serenity and excitement, hope and joy, disappointment and melancholy. Graceful in her technicolor dress with waves of sequins, resplendent in her crown of fire like feathers, she sings about the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

HOW AMAZING IS ALL THAT!!! so much effort is put into the show and i really, really, really want to see it!!

the makeup is so cool, right up my alley :)

before and after shot!

i know the makeup looks arn't for everyday....i wouldnt wear this grocery shopping :) hahahaha
but i really love theatrical looks!!

beautiful colours!

Hope you enjoyed that as much as i did!!

Let me know if you're lucky enough to see the show!

Love always

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  1. I saw the show 3 months ago, I LOVED IT. I can't describe it with words. It was so beautiful. Thanks for the pics, amazing!