Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Basketball Grandfinal

Emmanuel had his basketball grandfinal in Decemeber, so im finally sharing the pics with you all :)

having a breather on the bench

after the game....this is the team!

yes they won!!!!!!
so happy for them!!

number 23, like Michael Jordan

I was so proud of him :)

their trophy's

their nicknames on the back of their jersey's

so after the game you can imagine how happy they all were with the win!!! we had a team of very happy guys :)

Love HollieD

Saturday, January 15, 2011


New Years Eve In Sydney

Sydney goes pretty crazy on New Yrs Eve.....the city is PACKED....and the fireworks are amazing!!

so becuase i have never actually spent NYE in Sydney, i really wanted to spend 2010 in the city as we ring in the new year!!

so Emmanuel and i hopped on the train and headed in with the rest of NSW :)

Emmanuel on the train...with a glow stick on his wrist :)

this is to show you how packed it really was!!!

there was soooooooo many police in the city, inlcuding the police on horses! it felt quite safe, i didnt see one fight!!

people everywhere!!!

beautiful horses....but poo all over the streets :)
i saw one lady walk straight into a massive pile of poo in her high heels....it was actually really funny :)

more people everywhere!!

this is when we finally found a decent spot on the ground to sit down and rest....somewhere where we could have a decent view of the Opera house and the bridge!
i didnt get all dressed up because i knew we would be doing lots of walking, and it would be hard to move, so i didnt want to have to worry about a dress and high heels etc....just jeans and a t-shirt for me, and flat shoes!!!! and minimum makeup!

waiting for the countdown and the fireworks!

the beautiful Opera house!

they lit up some boats and they looked amazing floating on the water

i didnt take any photos of the fireworks, instead i video'd it all....so no pics for the blog sadly!!
but i can tell you it was fantastic!
they had fireworks coming off the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and also off large hotels etc....it was like a 360 light show!!! amazing!!!

first kiss of 2011 :)

this is just a random building!

the night was really nice....we got home at a comfortable 3am....
overall it was fun, and there was no problems etc....the only thing i did see was a guy pull down his pants and flash a few people...he was so drunk and off his face....but his mate quickly stopped him and a girl slapped him across the face....very funny!!

hope you had a safe and fun NYE

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Day-Bondi Beach

My christmas day wasn't so traditional this time....normally Emmanuel and myself fly back to Perth, Western Australia to spend it with my side of the family and we have a lot of fun over there!!

this year we had a fantastic Christmas Eve dinner at Emmanuel's aunties and uncles place which was a lot of fun...we got home about 3am christmas morning.....

but christmas day we decided to go to the beach because it was a beautiful, hot, sunny day!!

so we went to famous Bondi Beach!

the water was so nice and refreshing....we had a really nice relaxing time there...

we got to the beach about 12-lunch time....and left about 4pm....we later found out that there was thousands of people there thru-out the day!! couldn't believe how many people go to the beach on christmas day!!

these guys are from the lifesaving show "Bondi Rescue", they are lifeguards on the beach

the pub right on the beach was a hit too :)
lots of tourists and backpackers!

even the police who had to work on christmas were in the festive spirit!
if you look closely, the horses have reindeer antlers on :)

after the beach, we went home and showered up etc....then headed off to some friends place for christmas dinner...they are a large Italian family, so you can imagine the good food we ate

overall it was a nice day...i missed my family a lot because it was my first ever christmas without them in my 25 yrs of life!!! so i wished i could've seen them!! but still enjoyed our beachy christmas :)

hope you had a fantastic christmas day 2010

Lots of Love

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hillsong Church-Christmas Play

Decemeber 18th 2010 we went to a christmas play at my church Hillsong!

It was no ordinary little christmas play...it was a full length professional play that was so so good!!!

the story line was fantastic, the costumes amazing, and the actors did an amazing job!!

they even had snow falling from the ceiling!!

anyways....here are some pics...enjoy :)

my husband and his Italian mumma

Nick (Raffaella's fiance), Emmanuel, His mumma and his sister Raffaella

Emmanuel, me and Mumma

just the 2 of us!

inside our church building before the play

it was packed

just before the play

so cute!!

i LOVE anything to do with christmas!!

the kids in the crowd were loving it!!!

now looking at these pics im a little sad.....now its another 11 months till christmas again!!! Gosh time flies,cent believe its nearly been 1 month since Dec 25th!!!

hope everyone had a great christmas!! looking forward to the next one!!
Love HollieD

Monday, January 10, 2011

My 25th Birthday-U2 concert (and Jay-Z)

on the 14th December 2010 i turned 25!

i actually felt different this birthday, most years i dont feel my age....i always feel younger...and i still dont quite feel 25, but i feel like i grew so much in the past year that im proud to say im 25 :)

so on my birthday i got to do the greatest thing ever!! i got to cross something off my bucket list (the list of things i would love to do before i die) :)

i got to go to a concert by my favourite EVER band, U2!!! and the concert actually fell on my exact birthday!

so i thought i would share some pics of me and my husband at the concert......ENJOY :)

before the show

Jay-Z rocking it out!

we got there nice and early

fun with my hubby

i loved the stage!!!

U2  :)

The aftermath :)

i had such a great time and trally enjoyed my birthday......i had been wanting to go see U2 ever since i was a kid.....so it was fitting that it was my birthday!!

looking forward to the next 25 years of my life!!

Love HollieD