Thursday, January 6, 2011

pin up

I was going out for dinner early December with some friends and my hair was a bit dirty and in need of a wash...but cause my hair is short i cant tie it i came up with an idea....

i saw a picture of a 50's pin up look with a scarf in the lady's hair and i loved i decided to hide my hair a bit and make it appropriate for going out without looking like an exclusive brethren :) lol

so here is my modern day pin up look :)

yes im posing :)

the 3 photos above were taken on my Iphone so they arn't as clear as the one below which was taken on my regular camera!

and i just realised you cant even see the back of my hair...i pinned the sides and back of my hair up but left the front with a  bit of height..

hope you enjoyed

Love HollieD

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