Sunday, January 9, 2011

i LOVE this site!!!!

a friend of mine told me about it after a conversation we had about pinup clothing styles and the show Mad Men.....

as soon as i visited the website i was hooked....i havn't actually purchased anything yet...but everynow and then i have a i thought i would share with you some of the dresses i love, and would love to have hanging in my wardrobe :)

so these styles

this would be cool for day or night!

this dress is named after Joan from Mad Men

love the colour of the dress against her hair!

gorgeous colour

amazing how the same dress can look so different in varied colours!


this is cute with the frill on the bottom, the neck line and the sleeves!

this woman reminds me so much of Anna Nicole Smith!!! so i had to add it :)

this dress is named after Betty from Mad Men...very 1950's-1960's

i also loved this one! its got black cherry's or something on it (i forget)

so if you like the pinup look like i do, then enjoy browsing the website!!

Love HollieD

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