Sunday, January 9, 2011

My work...Estee Lauder Counter

i thought it was about time i showed you some pics of my work...well at least the counter i work at! and my work mates!

so i work for Estee Lauder in Bondi, with 2 other people, my manager is a 25 yr old guy and the other makeup artist is a 24 yr old female...we all get on so well and have a blast together!! i will remember this job for the rest of my life!

so here are my work mates, Luke and Jennifer

the team :)

posing in front of the perfumes :)
Luke used to be a flight attendant....and i think he really looks like one!! dont you think? :)

me and my counter

some of the range that came out before christmas....the Bronze Goddess range, it was a hit in Bondi and sold out so quickly!!

I really love my job, like every place of work, it has its moments...but im happy there...i also believe the people you work with make a HUGE difference in your day to day life! they can either make or break you!

im a very lucky girl to have such a great job and be with such a great team!

i will talk soon in another post about my plans for this year as i have some pretty big changes coming this year....and i wont be in this job im making the most of the time i will all make sense soon!

Lots of Love

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