Tuesday, January 4, 2011


WOW....i cant believe i havn't posted anything for over a month!!!

it wasn't planned at all....i just missed a few days, which turned into weeks...i guess i got bored with it all....

but now im back into it

since my last post, i have turned 25, celebrated christmas and New Years Eve and we are now in 2011....a lot can happen in 1 month :)

so just letting you know, im still alive and there will be plenty of posts and photos to come....from random things to going to a U2 concert on my birthday, chistmas at Bondi beach and New Years Eve with the Sydney City fireworks.........

plus a new career change could be on the horizon (all will be revealed soon)

so stick with me and i wont be so boring from now on :)

hehehe :)

Lots of Love

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