Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hillsong Church-Christmas Play

Decemeber 18th 2010 we went to a christmas play at my church Hillsong!

It was no ordinary little christmas play...it was a full length professional play that was so so good!!!

the story line was fantastic, the costumes amazing, and the actors did an amazing job!!

they even had snow falling from the ceiling!!

anyways....here are some pics...enjoy :)

my husband and his Italian mumma

Nick (Raffaella's fiance), Emmanuel, His mumma and his sister Raffaella

Emmanuel, me and Mumma

just the 2 of us!

inside our church building before the play

it was packed

just before the play

so cute!!

i LOVE anything to do with christmas!!

the kids in the crowd were loving it!!!

now looking at these pics im a little sad.....now its another 11 months till christmas again!!! Gosh time flies,cent believe its nearly been 1 month since Dec 25th!!!

hope everyone had a great christmas!! looking forward to the next one!!
Love HollieD

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