Saturday, January 15, 2011


New Years Eve In Sydney

Sydney goes pretty crazy on New Yrs Eve.....the city is PACKED....and the fireworks are amazing!!

so becuase i have never actually spent NYE in Sydney, i really wanted to spend 2010 in the city as we ring in the new year!!

so Emmanuel and i hopped on the train and headed in with the rest of NSW :)

Emmanuel on the train...with a glow stick on his wrist :)

this is to show you how packed it really was!!!

there was soooooooo many police in the city, inlcuding the police on horses! it felt quite safe, i didnt see one fight!!

people everywhere!!!

beautiful horses....but poo all over the streets :)
i saw one lady walk straight into a massive pile of poo in her high was actually really funny :)

more people everywhere!!

this is when we finally found a decent spot on the ground to sit down and rest....somewhere where we could have a decent view of the Opera house and the bridge!
i didnt get all dressed up because i knew we would be doing lots of walking, and it would be hard to move, so i didnt want to have to worry about a dress and high heels etc....just jeans and a t-shirt for me, and flat shoes!!!! and minimum makeup!

waiting for the countdown and the fireworks!

the beautiful Opera house!

they lit up some boats and they looked amazing floating on the water

i didnt take any photos of the fireworks, instead i video'd it no pics for the blog sadly!!
but i can tell you it was fantastic!
they had fireworks coming off the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and also off large hotels was like a 360 light show!!! amazing!!!

first kiss of 2011 :)

this is just a random building!

the night was really nice....we got home at a comfortable 3am....
overall it was fun, and there was no problems etc....the only thing i did see was a guy pull down his pants and flash a few people...he was so drunk and off his face....but his mate quickly stopped him and a girl slapped him across the face....very funny!!

hope you had a safe and fun NYE

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