Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where i live now...........SYDNEY

Sydney has a way of winning you over!!!

when i first moved to sydney, i had been married only 2 days!! I left all my family and friends in Perth WA to start a new life with my hubby.....i left my job, church and everything familiar to me and moved to a big city where i didnt really know anyone!!!

I knew some of Emmanuels family, but not so much on a personal level....i knew some people at the church he went to, but once again not on a personal level, it was more of a "hi, how are you" kinda relationship with most people.......i came to Sydney having never moved out of home, never been without my Sydney i had no job or hobby lined up, i didnt know if i wanted to study or work........i was COMPLETELY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!!!!

to go from a young woman who had always lived with my family, had great friends and church in Perth etc then get married and move to a bigger city where i didnt know the roads, areas, no job, no friends (at first), no family....nothing familiar or comforting!!!!!!

It really was very difficult....but i did CHOOSE it....when Emmanuel and I decided to get married and he lived in Sydney and me in Perth....we had to make a decision on where to live......and I decided i would move to Sydney....i wanted an adventure, and as much as i knew there would be hard times....i also knew it would be good for me in some way!!!

I have always thought Sydney is a beautiful place!!! it truly is a gorgeous city....but i wasnt happy here for a while......i LOVED being married and was very happy being Emmanuels wife...i just struggled and was very homesick!!! i also seemed to meet very rude obnoxious poeple and drivers!!! i remember getting beeped so much one day on the road that i went home and cried-LOL-little things would get to me!!!

the first job i got was was in a clothing store and i had the worst manager....she was so rude and would say things to you in front of the customers etc....i had a fight with her oneday and i only stayed there about 3 months!!!!

since then though i have had great jobs....i got the job at Sportsgirl which i love (i have been there 1.5 yrs now) and also my recent job with Estee Lauder which i work the 2 jobs together!

since living in sydney (1 year 10 months now!!!!!) i have changed A LOT!!!

i have gotten a lot stronger in who i am and what i believe in life.....Im more confident and out spoken and sure of who God has made me.....going thru some really lonely hard times here in Sydney has definitely shaped me and is continuing to shape me!!!

i know i always have ways to improve, and i have days when i dont feel so strong and confident.....but in general, living in Sydney has MADE me face my fears on a daily basis, has MADE me become more outspoken and confident.....and for that, going thru the hard times has made it worth it!!

It has made me really think life thru....what is the reason i believe this?what is the reason i do that? It has made me closer to Emmanuel (i just adore my husband) and also made me closer to God!!

I dont believe we will be living in Sydney forever....but i will always look back on my time here with a here had its hard times, but also great times.....and its made me grow up!!

Sydney is such a fast paced environment to live in.........I love the fact there are trains to everywhere and there are always people out....great night life!!!

Sydney is very multi cultural which is good and bad in some some cultures just should never be put together!!!!

I love the has the most amazing feeling there.....I love hanging out there some weekends!!!

There is always something going on in Sydney....its a hub of excitement!!

Sydney has some beautiful beaches!!

and also fantastic shopping!!!!!

I have to admit i have fallen in love with is home to me....i do still consider Perth as my ultimate home.....but Sydney will do for now!!! Im grateful i live in a beautiful city with so much opportunity for work etc....

I am a very lucky woman to have lived in such beautiful places in Australia......Im glad some of my life has been spent in is totally different to other places i have lived before!!!

If you have never had the opportunity to travel to Sydney then i would encourage you wont be let down (i hope) LOL

Love HollieD

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