Sunday, May 2, 2010

Napoleon master!!

So yesterday (Saturday 1st May) i met Napoleon Perdis....he was at Target in Parramatta for a little chat and Book signing!!

I LOVE makeup as you would know by now :)

i love lots of different brands, i dont really have one favourite brand...just a few that i like as i believe there are good and not so good products with every brand!!

I love Estee Lauder foundations, Mac fluidtrack liner, brushes and eyeshadows, some Napoleon eyeshadows and foundations, Bodyography eyeshadows.....etc etc the list goes on and on......

so even though i do like some Napoleon products i dont love them all....but i do think Napoleon is a great makeup artist and a great businessman and i think he has done a FANTASTIC job with his company!!!

and seeings he grew up in Parramatta, it was cool to meet him there!!

everyone waiting for him to arrive!

Charli previously from Hi5 and is now a radio host!!

Charli chatting to one of the Napoleon makeup artists

i bumped into a friend in the line, we met in our makeup class last year!

more chatting...waiting for Napoleon

and he arrives.....

time for some signing!!

i got to meet him and he signed my new book!

here is the book....its all about makeup for every age! it is a good book but i still would have to say that the best makeup book i have ever come across is the Rae Morris makeup book (she is one of Australias top makeup artists!) i will take some pics of that book soon, it really is amazing!! so even though i do like Napoleons new book, it is nowhere near as good as Rae Morris' book!!! hers goes into great detail and she teaches you how to do all her looks, whereas i feel like Napoleons book is a lot about his products, so its a bit of a selling tool!!

my personal message from Napoleon!!! :)

was definitely a fun experience!!!! lots of fun!
Love HollieD

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