Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sydney train paper-MX

Im really loving working for Estee enjoying it and having some fun!! im one of those people that when something is new to me i like to grab it by its horns and go for the ride, give it my best!! on my first day it was a bit overwhelming because there are so many products from skincare, makeup and fragrance etc...and i kinda need to know everything about each product....but thats what i love, i love knowledge, i love learning and overcoming challenges!! its liberating sometimes :)

im definitely getting there.....lots more to learn but ive been there just over 3 weeks now and i can definitely say my brain has expanded :)

Tomorrow i have an 8am breakfast meeting with some of the big will be me and the 2 other girls on my counter, plus the team from the Myer Estee Lauder counter and 3 big bosses, one of them being the Australian Estee boss!!!! so its a very important brekkie meeting!! im looking forward to it, but at the same time it means i have to get up so early cause i have to leave home at 6:30 to make the 2 trains!! so i will be getting up at about 5:15am....just so i have time to do some nice makeup :) LOL

i will try and take some photos so i can post them tomorrow nite!

one thing i have to get used to is the travel.....for instance, i may have a simple 4 hour shift but it takes roughly 1.5 hours to get there and the same a 4 hour day turns into a 7 hour day......
from monday just gone till next wednesday (10 days straight) im working......not all day everyday, but as i said, with the travel it sometimes feels like it!!!
 i was wondering why i was so tired when im not actually working a full time job, but i guess the travel adds to it!!

one thing that does help the travel is the free newspaper i get everyday!!

in sydney they have a "train newspaper" called MX....its always fun to get it, people hang out at train stations all over the city handing them out......

its normally under 30 pages long...and its really interesting....and funny

the middle part is always about fashion etc...

but my favourite page is always this one.....people text in things to be written in the when they see something funny happening on the train and it will be printed the next day, or there is a whole section about people that "fall" for other poeple they have spotted on the trains...its so funny...there will be some random person that will say something like......

"to the cutie in a black top on monday morning Hornsby train to city. You had a band-aid on your right finger. You stood before me near the steps. Your smile made my day, love to see you again" Andy.

which is one in there always makes me laugh!!!

then there is a section about funny things you hear on the when really dumb poeple talk to loud and everyone else is laughing at them....

Guy 1: Hmmm....did you know breast milk can cure acne.....
Guy 2: Yeah, thats why babies dont have acne

hehehe, the things you hear!!
funny funny!!

so thats what i look forward to on my way home, something to read on my 1-1.5 hour journey!!

im going to try have an early nite so i get up ok in the morning!!

have a great day/nite

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