Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kings Cross

Kings Cross is a world of its own!!!!

for those that dont know what 'it' is.....its an area in Sydney City known as 'THE CROSS', its full of night clubs, strip joints, junkies, brothels etc etc.....
Its always very busy, crazy on weekends, and a lot of money is wasted there day after day!!!

Kings Cross has become more famous i guess since the Underbelly series on Channel 9 (The Golden Mile). its all about the late 80's thru the 90's where The Cross was a crazy place and people marked their territory by getting involved with clubs and strip joints etc...

Kings Cross is an inner-city locality of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is located approximately 2 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Sydney.The area is known as Sydney's red-light district and home to the most dangerous organised crime groups operating in Australia. Once home to musical halls and grand theatres, it was rapidly transformed after World War II by the influx of troops returning and visiting from the nearby Garden Island naval base. Today, it is still dominated by bars, restaurants, nightclubs, strip clubs and adult bookstores.

Im not at all promoting the series because i think its pretty fowl....but i am very interested in the stories that come from there...not sure why, the whole thing just got my attention...

Underbelly: The Golden Mile is set in King Cross in 1988-1999, where bent cops, straight cops, cool criminals and colourful characters all converged to make their mark. But by 1995 the Wood Royal Commission had put the “black empire” under threat of collapse as strong and honest police fought to take back control of the most infamous strip in Australia.

The main charcter is about John Ibrahim.....a lebanese guy who got involved with the clubs etc back in the late 80's....
John Ibrahim is a young up-and-coming nightclub owner in Kings Cross. He's a natural businessman, intelligent, charismatic and handsome.  (so the website says)   :)

I actually saw him and his girlfriend in Bondi Junction the other week when i was working

So because of all the hype on tv over here in Sydney and in the papers...and i guess cause i actually saw him in person...i kinda wanted to know what the deal is all about!! i had never been to The Cross before, had no interest...its a filthy place that can get dangerous....but i wanted to see for myself!!

So i went there about a week ago with Emmanuel....mind you we went during the day so it was nothing like it wouldve been if we went at night....but i just wanted to see the area in the daytime!!

waiting for our train at the station....

you know you are in Kings Cross when you see lots of places like this!!! adult shops and strip joints everwhere....

we had lunch in a really cool lil cafe that was Columbian style!!

this was on the wall....i really liked it!! "Go confidently in the directions of your the life you have imagined"........great quote from Henry David Thoreau

Yep im at The Cross....

The pleasure chest....kinda speaks for itself!!!

Lots of Gentlemens clubs!!

Even the Sydney Swans Footy team have a night club there...

The Bourban night club....getting renovated!

nice water fountain!

Big apartment block...thought it looked like a giant needle!!

Homeless persons place...very sad!!

Cop station is right at the end of the street in Kings Cross...sure they would see so many things working there!!!

Tourist bus

Random shops and weird doors everywhere :)

My hubby mucking around!!

think you get the picture!! and mind you this is ALL on 1 street!!!!

Train station

i didnt even get all the places...this was only a few...kinda proving a point....

heading away from Kings Cross but still on main street...this is a view of the its not that far from the main city centre!!

when you see this Coca Cola sign you know you are in The Cross....this is the most well known sign in Sydney :)

Nice cars

and then we walked away and went into the city!!!

so there you are, a tour of Kings Cross during the day....there were lots of junkies and "interesting" people.....if i went there of a night, the photos would have been VERY different...prob not the safest place to be!!!

hope you enjoyed :)
Love always


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