Thursday, May 27, 2010

Makeup graduation!! and Basketball grandfinal...all in one night!!

Well the makeup awards nite has come and gone!!!

was it fun??? yeah
was it well organised?? not really :)

it was ok but nothing like what it was made out to be!! and lots of people didnt even bother going!! plus the 2 makeup teachers i had teaching me, one of them has left and the other one was in Queensland so i didnt even get to see them!!

It was an awards nite for hairdressing, makeup and beauty but i felt like it was mainly about hairdressing cause the people MC'ing the nite were the hairdressing teachers...and most of the display photos on the wall were hair entries!!

But, i did have fun and i was excited to see one of my photographic makeup entries on the wall :)

here are some pics of the night!!

Nick (my sis in-laws fiance), my mum in-law and Emmanuel


he was proud of me!

so was my mum in-law :)

bit blurry.....the top 3 of our class :)  with all the hair display photos behind us!!

my sis in-law Raffaella and me with my certificate (i  passed with a distinction)

3 of us again!

Raffaella and me....if you look between our heads but up the top there is a photo of her (i did her makeup) next to the pic with blue in it! yay my name was on the wall :)

i did a quick makeup job on her for the night! this is in the car on the way there!

YAY!! see my name?? HOLLIE :) i was so happy this picture made the display wall!! hahaha

us :)

going up to get my certificate!

yeah i know, i had chewing gum in my mouth and was trying to stick it to my gums :) hahaha

focus Hollie.....focus!!


me and nick!

love this photo!

my crazy face in the car....its all over, now to rush to Emmanuel's basketball grand final...he is there by now and we are late!!

one of his mates "Scott" mucking around!!

playing defence by himself :) hehehe (not really)


we were watching on and shouting our heads off!!

photo of the quick makeup i did on her (oh, pretty eyes)

cute couple!

the team! Emmanuel is number 23 (Michael Jordans number of course)

yay he got a trophy

big night for both of us!

proud mumma

they came second, but it was a very close game and was great to watch!!

sorry i havnt been blogging for a while!!

ive been VERY busy with work. At Estee Lauder we are having another management change as my counter manager is leaving (well has left already) so i have been covering a lot of her shifts.....i worked the last 10 days straight and if i didnt take today off it wouldve been 20 days straight without a day off!!!! so i took this day off, knowing the next 10 days will be full on (between my 2 jobs)

Plus on the 7th, 8th and 9th i have training (and get lots of products hopefully)

so, more blogging to come :)



  1. So proud of you...wish i had been there...miss you.

  2. oh thanks so much mum!! i wish you were there too :( oneday i will do a course in perth and you can come to my graduation then :) love you lots xxx