Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WARNING.......this one's kinda long :)


I reckon nearly every man/woman/child has at some point compared themselves to another. Whether it was when you were young and you thought a girl in your class had prettier hair than you. Or a boy compares his muscles to another stronger looking boy. A grown man compares his job/pay check to another.............but i really think the most commen is when women (of any age; teenagers, young adults, mothers, single women etc etc...) compare their WEIGHT, FACE, SKIN, HAIR AND COMPLETE OUTWARD APPEARANCE TO ANY OTHER WOMAN

Some women do it in a way of saying "oh my gosh im so glad i dont look like her", "man look at that fat........, thank God i dont have her body" "eww she's got bad skin, why doesnt she do something about it, i mean they have creams for that these days" "you know ive had babies too, but at least i did something about my wieght, she's just obviously a lazy so and so.........
and the list goes on and on and on.......im sure we have all, wether verbal or just in our heads made some nasty or not so good comment about someone before, maybe not to the extreme of the comments above, but we (me included) are all guilty

i just thought this was a cute picture :)
got a body you dont particulary like??

why do people do this??? it normally comes from insecurity, wether we realise it or not, we do it as a way of thinking "you know what, im not that bad....i mean i have nicer hair than that girl on the bus, my body is better than that girl i just walked past, my skin doesnt really get spots etc etc, it kinda makes you feel better about yourself and when you look around you stack up ok!!! IS THIS HEALTHY??????


got ears you dont like??

got big hair everyone laughs at???  :) hehehe

now this was cute.......lol.......got a big butt you dont like???

another way women compare themseleves is kinda the opposite....
"oh man that girl is so pretty, i wish i looked like her" "that girl is the most popluar girl at school, all the guys adore her, if only i had her figure" "why did i have to be born ugly, why cant i look like a super model?" "man i work out so hard at the gym, eat really well but i feel like im getting no-where, my best friend is so toned and looks great but she east junk all the time, its just not fair"

some of these comments are harmless and kinda funny but you get the idea.....at different times in life we have compared ourselves to someone else and just not measured up!!!! why do we do this then when the result is only feeling down on ourselves, upset or even depressed!!!

It is so commen these days its almost as if its normal to do it, but if you are happy and confident with the way you are you must be faking it, or lying, or there is just something wrong with you!!!!

Can anyone see how twisted and backwards this is?!?!?!?!?

now, im not saying we should all go around bragging about ourselves...ever seen a beautiful looking girl/woman and then all of a sudden she opens her mouth and she doesnt look so good anymore!!! im sure you know what i mean :)

But i do think its time for a change.......im serious.......the way we are, is the way we are.....there are things we can do to improve ourselves which i think is important (if we are overweight and unhealthy, look after ourselves,do what it takes to lose some weight....if we dont take care of our bodies no-one will! dont get all skinny and put unrealistic goals on ourseleves, just eat well, exercise etc etc......we can look after our hair and skin, drink lots of water, do little things like paint our nails every now and then, do something different with our makeup......just girlie things that can be so simple but can make a huge difference)
but apart from that, there are things we cant control, like our height, our skin colour or tone, the thickness or thinness of our hair, our nose, ears, eyes, feet, legs etc etc......those things there is not a lot we can do about!!!

so when you really think about it, we have 2 options

1) dislike these things we have no control over, notice them all the time, dwell on them, get down about them, think about how we wish we were different, compare to others and wish we could swap nose, face etc......and do this FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES


2) realise we dont particulary like these features, dont be false about it and just pretend we are ok with whatever it is......BUT JUST ACCEPT IT!!! think about all the good things we have and dont dwell on those we dont!! Sure this wont be fixed in one day....its prob a daily thing for some people, because a life time of negative thinking cant be changed over night.....but it will get easier and eventually those things wont seem so bad after all......and instead of having a life time of hiding certain features and disliking ourselves.....we can have a lifetime of confidence, boldness and lots more happiness.........and whats changed??? only OUR MINDSET!!

NOW what would you prefer??? 1 or 2???? what seriously sounds more appealing??? 2 OF COURSE!!

STOP disliking ourseleves
STOP comparing ourselves
STOP being negative
STOP wishing we were someone else

START loving who we are
START being confident in who God made us
START thinking positive thoughts about ourselves and see how infectious it is
START looking at how blessed we are
START accepting ourselevs, flaws and all
START holding our heads up and walking tall (even if we are short)
START loking people in the eye when we talk with complete confidence
START facing our fears and beleiving in oursleves

these mite sound like some inspirational crap............but its not.....too many women are down on themselevs and they pass it on to their daughters/friends/mothers etc.....enough is enough

What made me write this??? i was just thinking............back to when i was 16 and was diagnosed with POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN DISEASE......a condition that is extrememly commen in women. Before then i had never heard of it. I was a confident 16 year old girl, i had a nice figure, slim build, nice hair, skin etc.....i was fairly happy with who i was (as happy as a teenager could be) then i got the diagnosis..............just before then i started to notice my body changing.....not in a normal "girl turning into woman way" but i was getting acne, putting on wight really easy, wasnt getting a period, my body was just all over the place........... i acutally over the next couple of years had a choice.......to just say oh well this is what ive got, thats too bad....and just go with it.......or say man this really does suck, in fact it sucks hard but im not gonna let it take over my body.,....this body was given to me by God and it wasnt made to have these problems (i was basically told by a doctor i was going to continue to just put on weight, most women with this turn obese,  probably will have trouble falling pregnant and its something i will have for life)

so yes i accepted the fact that i didnt like it, but i COULD do something about it!! i continued to put on weight and really battled for years with how i really didnt have much control anymore......but i fought on, i went thru a period of real trial and error (from age of 16-22) I exercised so much, got fit and strong, ate well, drank lots of water and just fought and fought and fought.......it felt like i was going nowhere.....but I WOULD NOT GIVE IN.......and you know what, it started to turn around (yes i was on the pill and medication called Metformin, so that helped too) but at age 22 my body started to change, because i believe that if you do something for long enough, you can adjust and it becomes 2nd nature

I beleieve its the same with our minds, if we do something for long enough......we do it without realising!!
think positive about ourselves and we will start to believe it, and SO WILL EVERYONE AROUND YOU!!

there are women i know who are far from perfect looking but they are content in who they are. They walk with confidence and a sense of pride and its almost like they demand that from everyone around them (in a good way) wherever they go they get respect frome people!!

"And do not be conformed to this world, but BE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND".........Rom 12:2

LETS Renew our minds ladies....DAILY
we are all in ths together....encourage one another, lets not put others down to make ourselevs feel better....lets no longer compare!!

LOVE US (in a non-arrogant way)  :)

I dont like my toes....serisouly ask my family...hahaha....i had ingrown toenail problems from my childhood (thanks to dad) and they really arnt very feminie looking toes.....but you know what, i do like my hair....i was blessed with thick curly hair (also thanks to dad)       :)

One of my ears is slightly different to the other and it used to really annoy me and used to wish i could change it, but i cant.....and you know what im happy with my figure and am at a healthy wieght range.....so a slight imperfection with my ears really doesnt mean much............and the list goes on and on....think you know what I mean


and tomorrow, and the next day and the day after then.....

love to you all,
be happy, smile, if you have one bad day just pick yourself up, tomorrow can be better


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