Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bondi Tuesday 23rd March

This is a post i did a whole week ago....on Tuesday 23rd March 2010........
I thought i posted it, but just realised i actually DIDNT :)

so here it is....just pretend it was a week ago :)

then i will post another one soon with an update!! i had an interview with Estee Lauder at Bondi!!

Emmanuel had a rostered day off so he came with me which was really nice (well not actually in the interview room-LOL,just on the trip)

so for me to get to Bondi, i have to either drive to the station near my place (or bus it to the station)....i could walk but it would take 20-30mins...and dont really want to get sweaty before an interview :)

I then catch a train to the city which normally takes 30-40mins.....i then change platforms and catch about a 10min train to Bondi Junction!!!
so yes its a journey!! but its worth it because i really want the job!!

I LOVE Estee Lauder....i wear their double wear foundation all the time and love their product range.....Plus EL owns everything....they own so many companys including Bobby Brown and Mac i really want this job because who knows where it can lead in the future!!

I already have had the interview with Estee Lauder....but todays interview was mainly with David Jones!!

Emmanuel at the train station :)

There are lots of nice apartment blocks near the Bondi shops!!

we didnt go anywhere near the Bondi beach because we would have to take a bus there....its a bit of a distance from the actual shop sorry no nice pics of the beach area!!

Bondi Mall

more Bondi Mall

Me going down the escalator back to the station after the interview....

i just realised i didnt take any pics of the actual westfields in Bondi....its a really large shopping centre, very nice and a bit posh :)

view of part of the city from Bondi shops...

Emmanuel going down escalator :)

 more of part of the city...from Bondi Junction!

Hoping on a train.....back to the city for some lunch!!

So....the interview went well.....I was very happy with it...i was confident, friendly and got on very well with the lady interviewing me...only down side is she said it is now down to me and 3 other girls :(  NOooooooooo
HAHAHA.....i really hope i get it!!!

on a different is our fridge!!
random i know, but ive been meaning to take pictures for ages....our Neice Chelsea made these for us at christmas...and we thought they were beautiful so they have been displayed on our fridge ever since :)

whenever people come over and visit, they all comment on the Chelsea is now famous
Kelly if your reading this can you pretty please show here and tell her she is famous :)

and this is the top part of our fridge......thats my niece and nephew in a recent photo and when they were tiny little things :)
i also have another niece (Myra)...her picture is in the loungeroom!!

Hope your having a great day!!

more updates soon!!

love HollieD

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