Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My monday......

Hmmmm.......................my day 2day.....well i worked till 4pm (thats sportsgirl for those that dont know)......so yeah work work work till 4pm...i then put on some makeup and pair of heels and caught a train into the city because i had an interview with Mecca Cosmetica

when i got into the city i was FREEZING. Its the 1st day of Autumn and it serisouly felt like there is some dial in the world where every new season someone sits there and turns the dial......because we went from beautiful summer weather....and now 2day was overcast, freezing....and when i finally got off that train in the city it was raining!!!

I was wearing a dress, no jacket, no umbrella and was all dolled up for an interview :) the joys of putting a hanbag on ur head and running in your heels through rain in a big city :) hahaha

anyways the interview was for a makeup position and it was a group interview.....so when i got there, there was about 25-30 girls that all looked glamourous waiting outside the door so i joined the line and waited....about 5mins later the door opened. there were 3 interviewers and one by one we were assigned a lady to talk to. Basically you spoke to the lady  for about 2mins, then it was all done....go home :) no joke.....they just asked a couple questions then it was done......so lets hope that in those 2 mins i somehow impressed them and my face is stuck in her head :) lol

i then went back to Town Hall station and caught the 40min train home.......on the way home i was stuck near a woman who sounded like she had the worst flu....she was non-stop coughing......so im hoping i havnt caught anything off her!!! seriously she sounded bad!

when i got home i was so hungry........and i found jelly in the fridge that i had made the day b4....yummy raspberry jelly :)

yes Emmanuel caught me trying to eat jelly for dinner :)

hehehe, it was yummy :)

then i started posing :) hehe, so mum, ella and kelly can see my dress :)

took my heels off though cause my feet had blisters from walking in them too long!!

so yes, i got home about 7:45pm......quickly grabbed something to eat and watched part of the biggest loser elimination because that is my fav show......love love love watching peoples lives being transformed and their negative thinking changing over time to where they finally believe in themselves and have more confidence in who they are as a person.......and the weight just starts to come off them!!! i applaud them!! ask Emmanuel, i really hate missing this show!!!

But.........i promised last week that this mon nite i would go watch his team play basketball! they play every mon nite at different times, ranging from between 7-10pm!

I havnt been last couple weeks......because......well........i was kinda watching The Biggest Loser :) hahahaha
so last week i said that march 1st will be the day i come and watch him

so at 8:10pm we got in the car for our 30min drive to the bball courts....chatting away, which eventually turned into Emmanuel putting in some old cd of his of some Italian singer :) he gets very patriotich.....so funny.....blasts this Italian music and sings at the top of his lungs while doing different hand movements!!! A few times i had to remind him he is driving so hands on the wheel would be much appreciated!!!  :)

so we arrive at the courts in time for his game at 8:45pm.......


hehehehehe.........all i could think of was missing out on watching the biggest loser!! there was no point going home because it would take an hour to get there and back again......so i watched some random teams for 1 hour.......then my hubbys team for one hour!!! YES im a dedicated wife!!!

but yay they won!! they got 59 points and the other team 35!!
Emmanuel scored 10 points!

so by this time it was about 10:45, we got home about 11:15.....lets just say it was a long day and we were both tired. (spec Emmanuel, he gets up for work at 4:30am 6-days a week....love my hard working hubby)

So there you have my MONDAY MARCH 1ST 2010

had a great day.....just a little tiring!!

Love to all

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