Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perth...the place i call HOME ;)


This is the city i moved to with my family when i was 20 years old!

I LOVE Perth...I REALLY do...i have great memories of that city, its where all my immediate family and a whole bunch of my closest frinds live!!!

It has beautiful beaches (probably the best in Australia) and gorgeous country towns and a really nice city!! Its a laid back city, but there is lots of fun to be had!!  :)

Even though i dont live in Perth now (I currently live in Sydney on the other side of Australia), i still consider Perth to be home, i love going there for holidays!!

here are some random pics of Perth!!

Yep....beautiful beaches.....beautiful city!!!!

Since i have moved to Sydney and no longer live in Perth, i view it in a different way....not that i didnt appreciate Perth when i lived there, because i did, i loved living there......but since moving far far away i love and miss it so much....I view Perth as very 'Aussie' which i LOVE.....dont get me wrong, i love other cultures/races ect.....I love the diversity you can get in Australia.....but Perth to me is the one place where i truly feel AUSSIE.....and i also view it as a very clean city!!! Even the air seems cleaner than in Sydney.

Tasmania is beautiful but isolated.......and its very 'country'.....then Perth is  similar but with a bigger city, more beaches etc....so there are similarities but its got that city feel.....then you have Sydney, that city is on a whole nother level :)

Each time ive moved, its like everything is getting bigger and more fast paced!!!!

As far as Perth goes, i have to say its my favourite place in Australia so far.....definitely my favourite place ive lived in!! I LOVE the beaches....I LOVE the city...cause its big enough to be a city, but not over crowded or too big if you know what i mean....there are amazing holiday places, and the weather is amazing!!!

So there you have it, Perth, the best city on earth :)

my Home (i will always fondly think of it that way).......and a great place to live!!!

You should visit it sometime!!!

Lots of love

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