Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hollywood dress up party

Emmanuels cousin, Isabel, turned 30 in January so she held a Hollywood dress up party to celebrate!

and what fun we had!

yes this is my hubby Emmanuel, dressed as Elvis :)

Loved the way Isabel had the place set up outside...we walked the red carpet, and we had our own 'stars' with our names on them!!

Me as Wonder Woman!!

Emmanuel's cousin Natalie as another wonder woman :) plus Lady Gaga

Emmanuel and some of his cousins

Chpper Read :)

Birthday girl Isabel as Madonna :)


Chad in the middle as Tom Hanks character in Castaway...with 'Wilson' the ball :)  LOL

Marilyn and me :)

Jeremy (another cousin) as SWAT

so cute....

another Lady Gaga in the middle

Snow White and a playboy bunny :)

Hugh Hefner :)

the Wonder Women :)

the Joker

i think this guy looked a lot like Joey from the show Friends...agree?

i stole Elvis' glasses and the Jokers hat

just before she blew out her candles

and after she had her poor head slammed into the cake :)

hahahaha, happens to her every year!!

Happy 30th Isabel....we had a great time at your party!!

Lots of Love

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