Friday, September 17, 2010

Sigma makeup brushes rock!!!

Sigma Brushes

I came across these brushes...well this brand for that matter, on youtube makeup tutorials!! I heard great reviews about them and heard that they were M.A.C for months and months and months i have been looking at their website

and been thinking about purchasing some of their i really really needed some new ones!!

so after saving up and planning....i got them :)

i was so so excited when they arrived in the mail!! im always a little funny about purchasing over the internet...and also knowing they had to come from the U.S,  i was a little worried about the post etc...

but they only took 1 week to get to me and they were packaged really well!!!

how pretty did it look....they had it packed with cool information leaflets and washing instructions for the brushes....

this explained how to use each brush i purchased in my kit

it came in a really soft brush roll, that way they are protected and easty to transport around!!

so here is the 'complete' brush set i purchased....i have used some of the brushes in this pic...hence some of them look a tad dirty :)

this came with 12 brushes and the brush roll....

but i also got 3 extra brushes..

I got this flat top synthetic kabuki...for flawless makeup application...its like a buffer, can be used for powder or liquid (havnt tried it yet....will let you know how it goes)

this extra brush came for free....which is a travel sized blending brush

the 3rd extra brush i got was a lip brush....i LOVE this one, its fantastic!!!

so here it is all together....and the 3 extra brushes have there own spot on the left!!!
im really loveing this kit!!

one of my favourite brushes is this duo fibre brush that gives an airbrush appearance when used to apply foundation....yes its dirty cause i use it everyday!!

and this AWESOME angled/contour brush.....i use this to contour my cheeks and to apply blush!! its very soft and the bristles are made from natural hair!

Im a very happy girl now i have my new brushes!!! i would definitely recommend this company...they are professional and have good quality brushes...great packaging and fast postage!!! i mean 1 week from the U.S to Australia...cant beat that!! i made my payment using paypal that way i was protected in case something went wrong!!

just remember the prices are in U.S dollars!!

Im loving my brushes and cant wait until they bring back their eyeshadow section, cause i will definitly purchase some of them and do a reveiw for you!!!

Love Happy HollieD

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