Monday, September 20, 2010

EXO DAY 18th Sep 2010

Exo Day Sydney

its like the christian version of Big Day Out!!!

Saturday 18th September 2010

there were different stages set this hip hop area....

I loved the art work in the background!!

look at the people in front of the stage and you will notice a 'yellow' man and a 'blue' man :) they were hilarious.....they did some cool dance moves...dont think they had anything to do with the bands, they were just having a show off!! :)  good on em!!

oh look....and there is an orange dude :) lol

and now a 'black' dude in a white cap!! and yes i mean black as in he is wearing black lycra...dont all go sue me now :)

these guys are from America....really good rappers!!


even Idol 2009 winner Stan Walker performed

these 2 guys were soooooo adorable...they were the biggest geeks and danced so so funny....but we just loved them, i wanted to go up and give them a big kiss cause they just didnt care what people thought and were dancing in the most ridiculous way.....i loved them :)

some of the bands were throwing out t.shirts and their drumsticks etc to the and Emmanuel were trying to jump up and catch some stuff....but man 13/14 yr olds are rough....seriously i think we got bashed up!!! Emmanuel copped it in the eye a few times....hahaha

awesome tricks!!!

i LOVE this looks like he is balancing on that building!!

and here come the 'real' bikes lol

thats what im talking about :)

oh yeah!!!!

and more....oh yeah :)

yep....there it is :)

show off :)

gee i wish i could do that!!!

the real concert is about to start.....and its time for us to leave :(

we had a birthday to go to that nite

we had a really good day, lots of fun and i loved watching the bikes!!!

thanks to whoever organised EXO DAY....i LOVED it!!!

Love HollieD

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