Friday, July 23, 2010

Jess my childhood friend

My day with Jess....a dear friend of mine from when i was little till about 17yrs old....then we parted ways about 7 years ago when she moved from Tasmania to live in Brisbane, and soon after that i moved to Perth and then Sydney!!!

so on a beautiful winters day in Sydney (friday) we finally got to meet up again after all those years and have a nice catch up....was really nice to see was as though we had always seen each other!! it felt normal and nice and we had lots to catch up on!!!

Jess on left with a friend of hers from Brisbane

Jess and me

Jess and her friend

view from the Opera house

we took an hour long boat ride...had a really nice tour on the water

the sky looked awesome!!!

I had a fantastic day....was great reminising about when we were young and used to play barbies :)

we are def going to try and visit each other a bit more often :)

Love HollieD

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