Sunday, July 11, 2010

Emmanuel's birthday pressies

It was Emmanuel's birthday last week saturday 3rd July.....he turned 29!!

On his birthday we both had to work, so after work we went out to dinner in Parramatta to a really nice Italian restuarant.....we had some really yummy dinner!!!

then we went to the cinema and we watched Toy story 3 in 3D :)  like 2 big kids :)

we had such a nice night!!!

for his birthday i gave him a couple little things and some money because i knew he really wanted a nice winter jacket and also some new Basketball shoes......

plus my beautiful parents gave him  money!

so today (Sunday) after church we went shopping......

we were so happy.....we found him some really nice yellow/blue basketball shoes (he wanted those colours to match his basketball jersey)

I LOVE THESE so happy for him!!!

plus we got him a winter jacket and a new t.shirt for amazing prices

my handsome man :)

LOL :)

and then the posing started.... (actually i told him to do that )  :)


so mum if you are reading this.....he loves the shoes and clothes he got thanks to you and dad he is a very happy man :)

Love always
ps.....toy story 3 in 3D was so good....def go and watch it!!!


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  1. your new stuff happy you found what you wanted. XXXX