Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful women part 2

This is my part 2 on beautiful women.....women that i think are just gorgeous on the outside (and prob on the inside)

as i stated in the last "beautiful women" post, the outward appearance is not how i judge whether someone is of value or not!!!!! A persons character and morals far outway whether they are outwardly attractive!! BUT, this post is all about women that i find beautiful......i dont personally know these women (i wish), but these women are very attractive and have probably achieved great things!



I really do think this woman is very very lucky to be as beautiful as she is!!!

i really love thick, long hair....spec if its curly....i really do love Shakira's hair!!!

I LOVE that she is womanly....she has beautiful thick/curly hair and a curvy body!!

and i actually love her voice....i know a lot of people that cant stand her songs....and yeah i agree some of them are pretty dumb :)  but her voice is unusual and unique and i really like that, someone just needs to write her some good songs :)

Another woman that is quite similar is........


Once again a womanly figure

and beautiful thick hair :)

unusual fashion choices :)

no but seriously i would LOVE to raid her wardrobe!!

and go to the hoilday destinations she can afford :)

and attend the OSCARS and every other awards show she goes to :)

wouldnt it be fun to trade lives just for a month......i would never want to wish i was someone else or trade my life for good.....def not......but just to see how the 'stars' live for a few weeks would be fun!! dont you agree?? :)


Last for this post.....is an Aussie :)
actually she is from Perth Western Australia......and she is dating a very funny guy (Andy, from the Hamish and Andy show)


yep....she is ours :)

I love that she is a model (actually 'was' a model, i think she does more business things now).....but she isnt stick thin....she still has a womanly body!!

there she is with her FUNNY boyfriend :)

so there you have my 'beautiful women' post

have i said 'beautiful women' enough :)

Have a great day
Love HollieD


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