Friday, August 6, 2010

Our 2nd year anniversary

Tuesday 27th July 2010 Emmanuel and i celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary!!

and its taken me ages to put this post up :)

But i had a beautiful suprise from him......i was stuck at work all day and 2 of my work mates had called in sick....AND we were VERY busy so my day wasnt going very well

then all of a sudden some flowers were delivered to my work :)

(me after work)

gosh i look tired was a Loooooong day :)

think you get the picture :) lol of Emmanuel's childhood friends ('Stopples').....(that was his nickname and surname) :) and his wife had a little baby boy....we are so happy for them!!

he is so cute!!!! his mummy is Cambodian/Chinese and his Daddy is German so he has beautiful skin!!

I LOVE this photo!!

boy did we get clucky :) shouldve seen Emmanuel :)

Now......this next lot of pics is to say thank-you to Kane and Kelly for Emmanuel's birthday present...they gave him a really nice t.shirt...

my sexy man :)
i really like this top!

Now here i was trying to take a picture of our 'heater' that looks like a little fire place to show mum :) but Emmanuel jumped in the photo!! plus you can kinda see my reflection in the mirror part of it, i was in my pyjamas :).....normally you can see fake flames and its so pretty!!

there you have it....a quick update on some recent stuff :)

Lots of love

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