Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why i love my job!!

I am like an excited little girl :)

I just completed 3 days of training with Estee Lauder.

it was our initial training on the products, heritage etc etc....i really enjoyed myself and had a great time!
Each day i would get up at about 6:30 and get ready, catch the train to the city and then catch another train on the airport line to Greensquare....then walk about 10-15mins to the training centre in Rosebery!

it was 3 really great days and i learnt so much about the products and was really inspired!!! Plus i got lots of free products!!!!!

I was so excited cause i also got to visit the staff shop where a lot of the products are 60% cheaper than retail price...and its not just Estee Lauder products but also any brand that Estee Bobby brown, Mac, Clinique, La Mer etc etc....there are lots!!!! so i also got a couple bargains from there....and i can visit whenever i want :)

Look how lucky i was and what i was given!!!!

the bottle on the left is Advanced Night Repair (its the most amazing serum, it can even heal scars, they used to use it in hospitals to heal skin.......i use it day and night and over night while your skin is in a state of rest it repairs it, and during the day while skin is active, it protects it!!!! i love it and have noticed a difference with my skin, its the best in the business and has laws on it so noone can ever copy the ingredients etc!!!)
then the middle one is a beautiful body cream and on the right is one of the moisturisers in the Estee Lauder range....this is Daywear Plus, it protects my skin as well as the skincare i got these for FREE...just the Advanced Night Repair bottle is worth $150 alone :)

these are some products i brought from the staff shop.....Mac eyeshadows on the left, Estee Lauder in the middle and a Mac skinfinish powder on the right....gorgeous products at a great price

i also got these AWESOME lipsticks from the shop and these 2 brushes.....i love the Mac lipstick colours!!!

Work gave me a bottle of the perfume Sensuous.....i LOVE this perfume!!

and on the last day i was given ALL THIS :)

Ahhhhh......i was in heaven!!!
Beautiful clutch and makeup!!!

how lucky am i?


lol :)

soon i am going to do a review on some of the products.....especially those hot/bright lipsticks!!


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