Friday, June 25, 2010

Sydney is all lit up :)

Sydney looks really really pretty at the moment because everything is lit up with pretty lights :)

for instance the Opera House has a light show on display on the outside of the entire building...and it changes colour all the time!!!

after work last saturday nite, i met up with Emmanuel in the city and we had dinner together and took a stroll around the are a couple pics from then...

pretty light display on a building wall

me in my uniform :)

i thought this blue lighthouse looked cool with my blue jacket and coral scarf :) lol

shop window

this is my favourite tv channel.....i love the 7 team!!!!

my ultimate dream would to be one of their resident makeup artists!!!!!

i thought this pic was pretty funny!

massive 'geek' store :)  my sis in-law kelly would love this!!!

a beautiful old building......think it was a theatre from memory!

and then we headed home to our warm heater and hot drinks!

winter is so cold in the city!!!
Love HollieD

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