Saturday, February 27, 2010



Im a makeup artist, so yes makeup would be one of my loves!!! I love colour and love all the amazing things you can create using makeup!!

I dont beleive in being dependant on it though, ie-where you wont even go to the clothesline without foundation and mascara on in fear one of your neighbours will see the real you :)

It should Never be like that!! Im a real woman with real flaws and i understand the power makeup can give you, it is like an instant confidence booster.....but.....


Show off what you love, and hide what you dont!!! dont hide your entire face!!!!

Anyways enough preaching :)

in the following pictures I am showing you my version of a 'Ruby Rose' makeup photo.....

She is a real Australian stunner, and i love the looks she wears, she has a tough chick image, but still brings the feminine side.....and her skin looks can tell this woman drinks water :)

here she is...
probably not the clearest of pictures, cause i took the photo off a magazine the actual picture her lips are way more a bright pink!!

So here is my cant see my eyes so well because of the flash etc, plus i have real deep set eyes!!! and NO im not saying i look anything like her....just having some fun!!

but here I am in my version of Ruby Rose!!

Enjoy :)

So there you go....bit of 'RUBY' fun for the day
Love Hollie

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