Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here we go......

So, here i am starting my first ever blog!

It is labeled 'beauty by Hollie D', because eventually i want it to be all about BEAUTY!!! mainly MAKEUP!!! i want to eventually share any knowledge and tips on makeup and turn it into a real girlie site!!

But for now, its gonna be about life so far...and the places i have lived in my short 24 yrs!!


Perth-Western Australia

Sydney-New South Wales

Yes im from Australia, and im a passionate 'AUSSIE'

this blog is for my family and friends around Australia, as another means of keeping in touch and so you can see whats going on in my life seeings we live quite far from each other!! but this blog is mainly for remind myself of my past and to have confidence and a sense of 'fearlessness' for the future! sometimes life can throw you curve balls.....just gotta remember to pick yourself up, and keep moving forward....NEVER EVER STAY DOWN!!!


I will try to include photos and memories stay tuned :

hope ur all having a great day

Lots of love
Hollie D

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