Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hairspray the Musical

Recently at our M.A.C counter, we had the privelage of having some of the cast from Hairspray the musical come for an event where they were dressed in costume, played with some of our makeup and had photos with was a lot of fun!
so because the musical has a 60's theme to it, we decided that on counter we would do a 60's makeup look and have our hair all done!
Here are some of us M.A.C crew! I'm on the left with the really high hair!!
as you know i have an undercut hairstyle, so the left hand side is all shaved. It's a little hard to have a 60's stlye with one side of your head shaved :)
so i opted for really high hair!! hahaha, it was lots of fun!
the pics below are of different angles of my hair! I actually really like the style and will probably wear to again for work, just maybe not so high :)
hope you enjoy
Love HollieDee

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